Job 22
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Eliphaz: Can a Man Be of Use to God?

1So Eliphas the Themanite gaue aunswere, and sayde:

2May a man be profitable vnto God, as he that is wise may be profitable vnto him selfe?

3Is it any aduauntage to the almightie that thou art righteous? or shall it profite him that thou makest thy wayes perfect?

4Is he afrayde to reproue thee, and to step foorth with thee into iudgement?

5Is not thy wickednesse great, and thy vngratious deedes innumerable?

6For thou hast taken the pledge from thy brother for naught, and robbed the naked of their clothing.

7To such as were weery, hast thou geuen no water to drinke, & hast withdrawen bread from the hungrie.

8But the mightie man had the earth, and he that was in auctoritie dwelt in it.

9Thou hast sent wydowes away emptie, and the armes of the fatherlesse were broken.

10Therefore art thou compassed about with snares, & sodenly vexed with feare.

11Shouldest thou then see no darknesse? shoulde not the water fludde run ouer thee?

12Is not God on high in the heauen? beholde the heyght of the starres how hie they are.

13Wilt thou therfore say, Tushe, howe should God know? can he iudge through the darke cloude?

14Tushe, the cloudes couer him that he may not see, and he walketh on the top of heauen.

15Hast thou marked the way of the world, wherin wicked men haue walked?

16Whiche were cut downe out of time, and whose foundation was as an ouerflowing ryuer.

17Whiche sayd vnto God, Go from vs: and asked what the almightie coulde do for them?

18He filled their houses with good things: but the counsell of the vngodly be farre from me.

19The righteous sawe it and were glad, and the innocent laughed them to scorne.

20Is our substaunce bewen downe? As for the remnaunt of them the fire hath consumed.

21Therefore reconcile thee vnto God, and be at peace: so shall all thinges prospere with thee right well.

22Receaue I pray thee the lawe at his mouth, and lay vp his wordes in thyne heart.

23For if thou wilt turne to the almightie, thou shalt be buyld vp, and put all vnrighteousnes from thy dwelling.

24Thou shalt lay vp golde as plentyful as the dust, and the golde of Ophir as the flyntes of the riuers.

25Yea almightie God his owne selfe shalbe thy defence, and thou shalt haue plentie of siluer.

26Then shalt thou haue thy delite in the almightie, and lift vp thy face vnto God.

27Then shalt thou make thy prayer vnto him, and he shall heare thee, and thou shalt kepe thy promises.

28Thou shalt also decree a thing, and he shall establishe it vnto thee, and the light shall shine in thy wayes.

29When the wicked be cast downe, thou shalt say, I am lifted vp: and God shall saue the humble person.

30The innocent shal deliuer the Ilande: it shalbe preserued by the purenesse of thyne handes.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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