Isaiah 4
Contemporary English Version

1When this happens, seven women will grab the same man, and each of them will say, “I'll buy my own food and clothes! Just marry me and take away my disgrace.”+

The Lord Will Bless His People Who Survive

2The time is coming when the Lord will make his land fruitful and glorious again, and the people of Israel who survive will take great pride in what the land produces. 3Everyone who is left alive in Jerusalem will be called special, 4after the Lord sends a fiery judgment to clean the city and its people of their violent deeds.

5 Then the Lord will cover the whole city and its meeting places with a thick cloud each day and with a flaming fire+ each night. God's own glory will be like a huge tent that covers everything. 6It will provide shade from the heat of the sun and a place of shelter and protection from storms and rain.


4.1 take away my disgrace: If a woman did not have a husband or children, it was thought that God was punishing her.
4.5 thick … fire: This is how the Lord led the people of Israel during the 40 years they were in the desert (see Exodus 13.20-22; 40.36-38).

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