Isaiah 45
Contemporary English Version

Cyrus Obeys the Lord's Commands

1The Lord said to Cyrus, his chosen one:

I have taken hold

of your right hand

to help you capture nations

and remove kings from power.

City gates will open for you;

not one will stay closed.

2As I lead you,

I will level mountains+

and break the iron bars

on bronze gates of cities.

3I will give you treasures

hidden in dark

and secret places.

Then you will know that I,

the Lord God of Israel,

have called you by name.

4Cyrus, you don't even know me!

But I have called you by name

and highly honored you+

because of Israel,

my chosen servant.

5Only I am the Lord!

There are no other gods.

I have made you strong,

though you don't know me.

6Now everyone from east to west

will learn that I am the Lord.

No other gods are real.

7I create light and darkness,

happiness and sorrow.

I, the Lord, do all this.

8Tell the heavens

to send down justice

like showers of rain.

Prepare the earth

for my saving power

to sprout and produce justice

that I, the Lord, create.+

The Lord's Mighty Power

The Lord said:

9 Israel, you have no right

to argue with your Creator.

You are merely a clay pot

shaped by a potter.

The clay doesn't ask,

“Why did you make me this way?

Where are the handles?”

10Children don't have the right

to demand of their parents,

“What have you done

to make us what we are?”

11I am the Lord, the Creator,

the holy God of Israel.

Do you dare question me

about my own nation

or about what I have done?

12I created the world

and covered it with people;

I stretched out the sky

and filled it with stars.

13I have done the right thing

by placing Cyrus in power,

and I will make the roads easy

for him to follow.

I am the Lord All-Powerful!

Cyrus will rebuild my city

and set my people free

without being paid a thing.

I, the Lord, have spoken.

The Lord Alone Can Save

14My people, I, the Lord, promise

that the riches of Egypt

and the treasures of Ethiopia+

will belong to you.

You will force into slavery

those tall people of Seba.+

They will bow down and say,

“The only true God is with you;

there are no other gods.”

15People of Israel,

your God is a mystery,

though he alone can save.

16Anyone who makes idols

will be confused

and terribly disgraced.

17But Israel, I, the Lord,

will always keep you safe

and free from shame.

Everyone Is Invited

18The Lord alone is God!

He created the heavens

and made a world

where people can live,

instead of creating

an empty desert.

The Lord alone is God;

there are no others.

19The Lord did not speak

in a dark secret place

or command Jacob's descendants

to search for him in vain.

The Lord speaks the truth,

and this is what he says

20to every survivor

from every nation:

“Gather around me!

Learn how senseless it is

to worship wooden idols

or pray to helpless gods.

21“Why don't you get together

and meet me in court?

Didn't I tell you long ago

what would happen?

I am the only God!

There are no others.

I bring about justice,

and have the power to save.

22“I invite the whole world

to turn to me and be saved.

I alone am God!

No others are real.

23 I have made a solemn promise,

one that won't be broken:

Everyone will bow down

and worship me.

24They will admit that I alone

can bring about justice.

Everyone who is angry with me

will be terribly ashamed

and will turn to me.

25I, the Lord, will give

victory and great honor

to the people of Israel.”


45.2 mountains: The Dead Sea Scrolls and one ancient translation; the Standard Hebrew Text “rising waves.”
45.4 But … you: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
45.8 Prepare … create: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.
45.14 Ethiopia: See the note at 11.11.
45.14 Seba: See the note at 43.3.

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