Psalm 119
Contemporary English Version

In Praise of the Law of the Lord

1Our Lord, you bless everyone

who lives right

and obeys your Law.

2You bless all those

who follow your commands

from deep in their hearts

3and who never do wrong

or turn from you.

4You have ordered us always

to obey your teachings;

5I don't ever want to stray

from your laws.

6Thinking about your commands

will keep me from doing

some foolish thing.

7I will do right and praise you

by learning to respect

your perfect laws.

8I will obey all of them!

Don't turn your back on me.

9Young people can live

a clean life

by obeying your word.

10I worship you

with all my heart.

Don't let me walk away

from your commands.

11I treasure your word

above all else;

it keeps me from sinning

against you.

12I praise you, Lord!

Teach me your laws.

13With my own mouth,

I tell others the laws

that you have spoken.

14Obeying your instructions

brings as much happiness

as being rich.

15I will study your teachings

and follow your footsteps.

16I will take pleasure

in your laws

and remember your words.

17Treat me with kindness, Lord,

so that I may live

and do what you say.

18Open my mind

and let me discover

the wonders of your Law.

19I live here as a stranger.

Don't keep me from knowing

your commands.

20What I want most

and at all times

is to honor your laws.

21You punish those boastful,

worthless nobodies who turn

from your commands.

22Don't let them sneer

and insult me

for following you.

23I keep thinking about

your teachings, Lord,

even if rulers plot

against me.

24Your laws are my greatest joy!

I follow their advice.

25I am at the point of death.

Let your teachings

breathe new life into me.

26When I told you my troubles,

you answered my prayers.

Now teach me your laws.

27Help me to understand

your teachings,

and I will think about

your marvelous deeds.

28I am overcome with sorrow.

Encourage me,

as you have promised to do.

29Keep me from being deceitful,

and be kind enough

to teach me your Law.

30I am determined to be faithful

and to respect your laws.

31I follow your rules, Lord.

Don't let me be ashamed.

32I am eager to learn all

that you want me to do;

help me to understand more.

33Point out your rules, Lord,

and I won't disobey

even one of them.

34Help me to understand your Law;

I promise to obey it

with all my heart.

35Direct me by your commands!

I love to do what you say.

36Make me want to obey you,

rather than to be rich.

37Take away my foolish desires,

and let me find life

by walking with you.

38I am your servant!

Do for me what you promised

to those who worship you.

39Your wonderful teachings

protect me from the insults

that I hate so much.

40I long for your teachings.

Be true to yourself

and let me live.

41Show me your love

and save me, Lord,

as you have promised.

42Then I will have an answer

for everyone who insults me

for trusting your word.

43I rely on your laws!

Don't take away my chance

to speak your truth.

44I will keep obeying your Law

forever and ever.

45I have gained perfect freedom

by following your teachings,

46and I trust them so much

that I tell them to kings.

47I love your commands!

They bring me happiness.

48I love and respect them

and will keep them in mind.

49Don't forget your promise

to me, your servant.

I depend on it.

50When I am hurting,

I find comfort in your promise

that leads to life.

51Conceited people sneer at me,

but I obey your Law.

52I find true comfort, Lord,

because your laws have stood

the test of time.

53I get furious when evil people

turn against your Law.

54No matter where I am,

your teachings

fill me with songs.

55Even in the night

I think about you, Lord,

and I obey your Law.

56You have blessed me

because I have always followed

your teachings.

57You, Lord, are my choice,

and I will obey you.

58With all my heart

I beg you to be kind to me,

just as you have promised.

59I pay careful attention

as you lead me,

and I follow closely.

60As soon as you command,

I do what you say.

61Evil people may set a trap,

but I obey your Law.

62Your laws are so fair

that I wake up and praise you

in the middle of the night.

63I choose as my friends

everyone who worships you

and follows your teachings.

64Our Lord, your love is seen

all over the world.

Teach me your laws.

65I am your servant, Lord,

and you have kept your promise

to treat me with kindness.

66Give me wisdom and good sense.

I trust your commands.

67Once you corrected me

for not obeying you,

but now I do obey.

68You are kindhearted,

and you do good things,

so teach me your laws.

69My reputation is being ruined

by conceited liars,

but with all my heart

I follow your teachings.

70Those liars have no sense,

but I find happiness

in your Law.

71When you corrected me,

it did me good

because it taught me

to study your laws.

72I would rather obey you

than to have a thousand pieces

of silver and gold.

73You created me

and put me together.

Make me wise enough to learn

what you have commanded.

74Your worshipers will see me,

and they will be glad

that I trust your word.

75Your decisions are correct,

and you were right

to punish me.

76I serve you, Lord.

Comfort me with your love,

just as you have promised.

77I love to obey your Law!

Have mercy and let me live.

78Put down those proud people

who hurt me with their lies,

because I have chosen

to study your teachings.

79Let your worshipers come to me,

so they will learn

to obey your rules.

80Let me truly respect your laws,

so I won't be ashamed.

81I long for you to rescue me!

Your word is my only hope.

82I am worn out from waiting

for you to keep your word.

When will you have mercy?

83My life is wasting away

like a dried-up wineskin,+

but I have not forgotten

your teachings.

84I am your servant!

How long must I suffer?

When will you punish

those troublemakers?

85Those proud people reject

your teachings,

and they dig pits

for me to fall in.

86Your laws can be trusted!

Protect me from cruel liars.

87They have almost killed me,

but I have been faithful

to your teachings.

88Show that you love me

and let me live,

so that I may obey

your commands.

89Our Lord, you are eternal!

Your word will last as long

as the heavens.+

90You remain faithful

in every generation,

and the earth you created

will keep standing firm.

91All things are your servants,

and the laws you made

are still in effect today.

92If I had not found happiness

in obeying your Law,

I would have died in misery.

93I won't ever forget

your teachings,

because you give me new life

when I follow them.

94I belong to you,

and I have respected your laws,

so keep me safe.

95Brutal enemies are waiting

to ambush and destroy me,

but I obey your rules.

96Nothing is completely perfect,

except your teachings.

97I deeply love your Law!

I think about it all day.

98Your laws never leave my mind,

and they make me much wiser

than my enemies.

99Thinking about your teachings

gives me better understanding

than my teachers,

100and obeying your laws

makes me wiser than those

who have lived a long time.

101I obey your word

instead of following a way

that leads to trouble.

102You have been my teacher,

and I won't reject

your instructions.

103Your teachings are sweeter

than honey.

104They give me understanding

and make me hate all lies.

105Your word is a lamp

that gives light

wherever I walk.

106Your laws are fair,

and I have given my word

to respect them all.

107I am in terrible pain!

Save me, Lord,

as you have promised.

108Accept my offerings of praise

and teach me your laws.

109I never forget your teachings,

although my life is always

in danger.

110Some merciless people

are trying to trap me,

but I never turn my back

on your teachings.

111They will always be

my most prized possession

and my source of joy.

112I have made up my mind

to obey your laws forever,

no matter what.

113I hate anyone

whose loyalty is divided,

but I love your Law.

114You are my place of safety

and my shield.

Your word is my only hope.

115All you worthless people,

get away from me!

I am determined to obey

the commands of my God.

116Be true to your word, Lord.

Keep me alive and strong;

don't let me be ashamed

because of my hope.

117Keep me safe and secure,

so that I will always

respect your laws.

118You reject all deceitful liars

because they refuse

your teachings.

119As far as you are concerned,

evil people are+ garbage,

and so I follow your rules.

120I tremble all over

when I think of you

and the way you judge.

121I did what was fair and right!

Don't hand me over to those

who want to mistreat me.

122Take good care of me,

your servant,

and don't let me be harmed

by those conceited people.

123My eyes are weary from waiting

to see you keep your promise

to come and save me.

124Show your love for me,

your servant,

and teach me your laws.

125I serve you,

so let me understand

your teachings.

126Do something, Lord!

They have broken your Law.

127Your laws mean more to me

than the finest gold.

128I follow all your commands,+

but I hate anyone

who leads me astray.

129Your teachings are wonderful,

and I respect them all.

130Understanding your word

brings light to the minds

of ordinary people.

131I honestly want to know

everything you teach.

132Think about me and be kind,

just as you are to everyone

who loves your name.

133Keep your promise

and don't let me stumble

or let sin control my life.

134Protect me from abuse,

so I can obey your laws.

135Smile on me, your servant,

and teach me your laws.

136When anyone disobeys you,

my eyes overflow with tears.

137Our Lord, you always do right,

and your decisions are fair.

138All your teachings are true

and trustworthy.

139It upsets me greatly

when my enemies neglect

your teachings.

140Your word to me, your servant,

is like pure gold;

I treasure what you say.

141Everyone calls me a nobody,

but I remember your laws.

142You will always do right,

and your teachings are true.

143I am in deep distress,

but I love your teachings.

144Your rules are always fair.

Help me to understand them

and live.

145I pray to you, Lord!

Please answer me.

I promise to obey your laws.

146I beg you to save me,

so I can follow your rules.

147Even before sunrise,

I pray for your help,

and I put my hope

in what you have said.

148I lie awake at night,

thinking of your promises.

149Show that you love me, Lord,

and answer my prayer.

Please do the right thing

and save my life.

150People who disobey your Law

have made evil plans

and want to hurt me,

151but you are with me,

and all your commands

can be trusted.

152From studying your laws,

I found out long ago

you made them to last forever.

153I have not forgotten your Law!

Look at the trouble I am in,

and rescue me.

154Be my defender and protector!

Remember your promise

and save my life.

155Evil people won't obey you,

and so they have no hope

of being saved.

156You are merciful, Lord!

Please do the right thing

and save my life.

157I have a lot of brutal enemies,

but still I never turn

from your laws.

158Those unfaithful people

who refuse to obey you

are disgusting to me.

159Remember how I love your laws,

and show your love for me

by keeping me safe.

160All you say can be trusted;

your teachings are true

and will last forever.

161Rulers are cruel to me

for no reason.

But with all my heart

I respect your words,

162because they bring happiness

like treasures taken in war.

163I can't stand liars,

but I love your Law.

164I praise you seven times a day

because your laws are fair.

165You give peace of mind

to all who love your Law.

Nothing can make them fall.

166You are my only hope

for being saved, Lord,

and I do all you command.

167I love and obey your laws

with all my heart.

168You know everything I do.

You know I respect every law

you have given.

169Please, Lord, hear my prayer

and give me the understanding

that comes from your word.

170Listen to my concerns

and keep me safe,

just as you have promised.

171If you will teach me your laws,

I will praise you 172and sing

about your promise,

because all your teachings

are what they ought to be.

173Be ready to protect me

because I have chosen

to obey your laws.

174I am waiting for you

to save me, Lord.

Your Law makes me happy.

175Keep me alive,

so I can praise you,

and let me find help

in your teachings.

176I am your servant,

but I have wandered away

like a lost sheep.

Please come after me,

because I have not forgotten

your teachings.


119.83 a dried-up wineskin: The Hebrew text has “a wineskin in the smoke.” In ancient times bags were made from animal skins to hold wine, but when the bags dried up they cracked and could no longer be used.
119.89 Our … heavens: Or “Our Lord your word is eternal. It will last as long as the heavens.”
119.119 As far as … are: A few Hebrew manuscripts and ancient translations. Most Hebrew manuscripts have “You get rid of evil people as if they were.”
119.128 I … commands: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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