Psalm 142
Contemporary English Version

(A special psalm and a prayer by David when he was in the cave.)

A Prayer for Help

1 I pray to you, Lord.

I beg for mercy.

2I tell you all my worries

and my troubles,

3and whenever I feel low,

you are there to guide me.

A trap has been hidden

along my pathway.

4Even if you look,

you won't see anyone

who cares enough

to walk beside me.

There is no place to hide,

and no one who really cares.

5I pray to you, Lord!

You are my place of safety,

and you are my choice

in the land of the living.

Please answer my prayer.

I am completely helpless.

6Help! They are chasing me,

and they are too strong.

7Rescue me from this prison,

so I can praise your name.

And when your people notice

your wonderful kindness to me,

they will rush to my side.

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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