Psalm 17
Contemporary English Version

(A prayer by David.)

The Prayer of an Innocent Person

1I am innocent, Lord!

Won't you listen as I pray

and beg for help?

I am honest!

Please hear my prayer.

2Only you can say

that I am innocent,

because only your eyes

can see the truth.

3You know my heart,

and even during the night

you have tested me

and found me innocent.

I have made up my mind

never to tell a lie.

4I don't do like others.

I obey your teachings

and am not cruel.

5I have followed you,

without ever stumbling.

6I pray to you, God,

because you will help me.

Listen and answer my prayer!

7Show your wonderful love.

Your mighty arm protects those

who run to you for safety

from their enemies.

8Protect me as you would

your very own eyes;

hide me in the shadow

of your wings.

9Don't let my brutal enemies

attack from all sides

and kill me.

10They refuse to show mercy,

and they keep bragging.

11They have caught up with me!

My enemies are everywhere,

eagerly hoping to smear me

in the dirt.

12They are like hungry lions

hunting for food,

or like young lions

hiding in ambush.

13Do something, Lord!

Attack and defeat them.

Take your sword and save me

from those evil people.

14Use your powerful arm

and rescue me

from the hands of mere humans

whose world won't last.+

You provide food

for those you love.

Their children have plenty,

and their grandchildren

will have more than enough.

15I am innocent, Lord,

and I will see your face!

When I awake, all I want

is to see you as you are.


17.14 Use … last: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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