Psalm 38
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David to be used when an offering is made.)

A Prayer in Times of Trouble

1When you are angry, Lord,

please don't punish me

or even correct me.

2You shot me with your arrows,

and you struck me

with your hand.

3My body hurts all over

because of your anger.

Even my bones are in pain,

and my sins 4are so heavy

that I am crushed.

5Because of my foolishness,

I am covered with sores

that stink and spread.

6My body is twisted and bent,

and I groan all day long.

7Fever has my back in flames,

and I hurt everywhere.

8I am worn out and weak,

moaning and in distress.

9You, Lord, know every one

of my deepest desires,

and my noisy groans

are no secret to you.

10My heart is beating fast.

I feel weak all over,

and my eyes are red.

11Because of my sickness,

no friends or neighbors

will come near me.

12All who want me dead

set traps to catch me,

and those who want

to harm and destroy me

plan and plot all day.

13I am not able to hear

or speak a word;

14I am completely deaf

and can't make a sound.

15I trust you, Lord God,

and you will do something.

16I said, “Don't let them laugh

or brag when I slip and fall.”

17I am about to collapse

from constant pain.

18I told you my sins,

and I am sorry for them.

19Many deadly and powerful

enemies hate me,

20and they repay evil for good

because I try to do right.

21You are the Lord God!

Stay nearby

and don't desert me.

22You are the one who saves me.

Please hurry and help.

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