Psalm 92
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm and a song for the Sabbath.)

Sing Praises to the Lord

1It is wonderful to be grateful

and to sing your praises,

Lord Most High!

2It is wonderful each morning

to tell about your love

and at night to announce

how faithful you are.

3I enjoy praising your name

to the music of harps,

4because everything you do

makes me happy,

and I sing joyful songs.

5You do great things, Lord.

Your thoughts are too deep

6 for an ignorant fool

to know or understand.

7Though the wicked sprout

and spread like grass,

they will be pulled up

by their roots.

8But you will rule

over all of us forever,

9and your hateful enemies

will be scattered

and then destroyed.

10You have given me

the strength of a wild ox,

and you have chosen me

to be your very own.

11My eyes have seen,

and my ears have heard

the doom and destruction

of my evil enemies.

12Good people will prosper

like palm trees,

and they will grow strong

like the cedars of Lebanon.

13They will take root

in your house, Lord God,

and they will do well.

14They will be like trees

that stay healthy and fruitful,

even when they are old.

15And they will say about you,

“The Lord always does right!

God is our mighty rock.”+


92.15 mighty rock: See the note at 18.2.

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