Isaiah 55
Contemporary English Version

The Lord's Invitation

1 If you are thirsty,

come and drink water!

If you don't have any money,

come, eat what you want!

Drink wine and milk

without paying a cent.

2 Why waste your money

on what really isn't food?

Why work hard for something

that doesn't satisfy?

Listen carefully to me,

and you will enjoy

the very best foods.

3 Pay close attention!

Come to me and live.

I will promise you

the eternal love and loyalty

that I promised David.

4I made him the leader and ruler

of the nations;

he was my witness to them.

5You will call out to nations

you have never known.

And they have never known you,

but they will come running

because I am the Lord,

the holy God of Israel,

and I have honored you.

God's Words Are Powerful

6Turn to the Lord!

He can still be found.

Call out to God! He is near.

7Give up your evil ways

and your evil thoughts.

Return to the Lord our God.

He will be merciful

and forgive your sins.

8The Lord says:

“My thoughts and my ways

are not like yours.

9Just as the heavens

are higher than the earth,

my thoughts and my ways

are higher than yours.

10 “Rain and snow fall from the sky.

But they don't return

without watering the earth

that produces seeds to plant

and grain to eat.

11That's how it is with my words.

They don't return to me

without doing everything

I send them to do.”

God's People Will Celebrate

12When you are set free,

you will celebrate

and travel home in peace.

Mountains and hills will sing

as you pass by,

and trees will clap.

13Cypress and myrtle trees

will grow in fields

once covered by thorns.

And then those trees will stand

as a lasting witness

to the glory of the Lord.

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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