Job 17
Contemporary English Version
Job Complains to God

My Hopes Have Died

1My hopes have died,

my time is up,

and the grave is ready.

2All I can see are angry crowds,

making fun of me.

3If you, Lord, don't help,

who will pay the price

for my release?

4My friends won't really listen,

all because of you,

and so you must be the one

to prove them wrong.

5They have condemned me,

just to benefit themselves;

now blind their children.

6You, God, are the reason

I am insulted and spit on.

7I am almost blind with grief;

my body is a mere shadow.

8People who are truly good

would feel so alarmed,

that they would become angry

with my worthless friends.

9They would do the right thing

and because they did,

they would grow stronger.+

10But none of my friends

show any sense.

11My life is drawing to an end;

hope has disappeared.

12But all my friends can do

is offer empty hopes.+

13I could tell the world below

to prepare me a bed.

14Then I could greet the grave

as my father

and say to the worms,

“Hello, mother and sisters!”

15But what kind of hope is that?

16Will it keep me company

in the world of the dead?


17.9 stronger: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verses 8,9.
17.12 hopes: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text of verse 12.

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