Psalm 111
Contemporary English Version

Praise the Lord for All He Has Done

1Shout praises to the Lord!

With all my heart

I will thank the Lord

when his people meet.

2The Lord has done

many wonderful things!

Everyone who is pleased

with God's marvelous deeds

will keep them in mind.

3Everything the Lord does

is glorious and majestic,

and his power to bring justice

will never end.

4The Lord God is famous

for his wonderful deeds,

and he is kind and merciful.

5He gives food to his worshipers

and always keeps his agreement

with them.

6He has shown his mighty power

to his people

and has given them the lands

of other nations.

7God is always honest and fair,

and his laws can be trusted.

8They are true and right

and will stand forever.

9God rescued his people,

and he will never break

his agreement with them.

He is fearsome and holy.

10 Respect and obey the Lord!

This is the first step

to wisdom and good sense.+

God will always be respected.


111.10 This … sense: Or “This is what wisdom and good sense are all about.”

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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