Psalm 121
Contemporary English Version

(A song for worship.)

The Lord Will Protect His People

1I look to the hills!

Where will I find help?

2It will come from the Lord,

who created heaven and earth.

3The Lord is your protector,

and he won't go to sleep

or let you stumble.

4The protector of Israel

doesn't doze

or ever get drowsy.

5The Lord is your protector,

there at your right side

to shade you from the sun.

6You won't be harmed

by the sun during the day

or by the moon+ at night.

7The Lord will protect you

and keep you safe

from all dangers.

8The Lord will protect you

now and always

wherever you go.


121.6 harmed … sun … moon: In ancient times people saw the harmful effects of the rays of the sun, and they thought that certain illnesses (especially mental disorders) were also caused by the rays of the moon.

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