Psalm 132
Contemporary English Version

(A song for worship.)

The Lord Is Always with His People

1Our Lord, don't forget David

and how he suffered.

2Mighty God of Jacob,

remember how he promised:

3“I won't go home

or crawl into bed

4or close my eyelids,

5until I find a home for you,

the mighty Lord God of Jacob.”

6 When we were in Ephrath,

we heard that the sacred chest

was somewhere near Jaar.

7Then we said, “Let's go

to the throne of the Lord

and worship at his feet.”

8Come to your new home, Lord,

you and the sacred chest

with all its power.

9Let victory be like robes

for the priests;

let your faithful people

celebrate and shout.

10David is your chosen one,

so don't reject him.

11 You made a solemn promise

to David, when you said,

“I, the Lord, promise

that someone in your family

will always be king.

12If they keep our agreement

and follow my teachings,

then someone in your family

will rule forever.”

13You have gladly chosen Zion

as your home, our Lord.

14You said, “This is my home!

I will live here forever.

15I will bless Zion with food,

and even the poor will eat

until they are full.

16Victory will be like robes

for the priests,

and its faithful people

will celebrate and shout.

17 I will give mighty power

to the kingdom of David.

Each of my chosen kings

will shine like a lamp

18and wear a sparkling crown.

But I will disgrace

their enemies.”

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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