Psalm 135
Contemporary English Version

In Praise of the Lord's Kindness

1Shout praises to the Lord!

You are his servants,

so praise his name.

2All who serve in the temple

of the Lord our God,

3come and shout praises.

Praise the name of the Lord!

He is kind and good.

4He chose the family of Jacob

and the people of Israel

for his very own.

5The Lord is much greater

than any other god.

6He does as he chooses

in heaven and on earth

and deep in the sea.

7The Lord makes the clouds rise

from far across the earth,

and he makes lightning

to go with the rain.

Then from his secret place

he sends out the wind.

8The Lord killed the first-born

of people and animals

in the land of Egypt.

9God used miracles and wonders

to fight the king of Egypt

and all of his officials.

10He destroyed many nations

and killed powerful kings,

11including King Sihon

of the Amorites

and King Og of Bashan.

He conquered every kingdom

in the land of Canaan

12and gave their property

to his people Israel.

13The name of the Lord

will be remembered forever,

and he will be famous

for all time to come.

14The Lord will bring justice

and show mercy to all

who serve him.

15 Idols of silver and gold

are made and worshiped

in other nations.

16They have a mouth and eyes,

but they can't speak or see.

17They are completely deaf,

and they can't breathe.

18Everyone who makes idols

and all who trust them

will end up as helpless

as their idols.

19Everyone in Israel,

come praise the Lord!

All the family of Aaron

20and all the tribe of Levi,+

come praise the Lord!

All of his worshipers,

come praise the Lord.

21Praise the Lord from Zion!

He lives here in Jerusalem.

Shout praises to the Lord!


135.19,20 Aaron … Levi: Aaron was from the tribe of Levi, and all priests were from his family. The temple helpers, singers, and musicians were also from the tribe of Levi.

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