Psalm 30
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David for the dedication of the temple.)

A Prayer of Thanks

1I will praise you, Lord!

You saved me from the grave

and kept my enemies

from celebrating my death.

2I prayed to you, Lord God,

and you healed me,

3saving me from death

and the grave.

4Your faithful people, Lord,

will praise you with songs

and honor your holy name.

5Your anger lasts a little while,

but your kindness lasts

for a lifetime.

At night we may cry,

but when morning comes

we will celebrate.

6I felt secure and thought,

“I'll never be shaken!”

7You, Lord, were my friend,

and you made me strong

as a mighty mountain.

But when you hid your face,

I was crushed.

8I prayed to you, Lord,

and in my prayer I said,

9“What good will it do you

if I am in the grave?

Once I have turned to dust,

how can I praise you

or tell how loyal you are?

10Have pity, Lord! Help!”

11You have turned my sorrow

into joyful dancing.

No longer am I sad

and wearing sackcloth.+

12I thank you from my heart,

and I will never stop

singing your praises,

my Lord and my God.


30.11 sackcloth: A rough, dark-colored cloth made from goat or camel hair and used to make grain sacks. It was worn in times of trouble or sorrow.

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