Psalm 33
Contemporary English Version

Sing Praises to the Lord

1You are the Lord's people.

Obey him and celebrate!

He deserves your praise.

2Praise the Lord with harps!

Use harps with ten strings

to make music for him.

3Sing a new song. Shout!

Play beautiful music.

4The Lord is truthful;

he can be trusted.

5He loves justice and fairness,

and he is kind to everyone

everywhere on earth.

6The Lord made the heavens

and everything in them

by his word.

7He scooped up the ocean

and stored the water.

8Everyone in this world

should worship and honor

the Lord!

9As soon as he spoke

the world was created;

at his command,

the earth was formed.

10The Lord destroys the plans

and spoils the schemes

of the nations.

11But what the Lord has planned

will stand forever.

His thoughts never change.

12The Lord blesses each nation

that worships only him.

He blesses his chosen ones.

13The Lord looks at the world

14from his throne in heaven,

and he watches us all.

15The Lord gave us each a mind,

and nothing we do

can be hidden from him.

16 Mighty armies alone

cannot win wars for a king;

great strength by itself

cannot keep a soldier safe.

17In war the strength of a horse

cannot be trusted

to take you to safety.

18But the Lord watches over


who honor him

and trust his kindness.

19He protects them from death

and starvation.

20We depend on you, Lord,

to help and protect us.

21You make our hearts glad

because we trust you,

the only God.

22Be kind and bless us!

We depend on you.

Contemporary English Version, Second Edition (CEV®)

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