Psalm 8
Contemporary English Version

(A psalm by David for the music leader.+ )

The Wonderful Name of the Lord

1Our Lord and Ruler,

your name is wonderful

everywhere on earth!

You let your glory be seen+

in the heavens above.

2 With praises from children

and from tiny infants,

you have built a fortress.

It makes your enemies silent,

and all who turn against you

are left speechless.

3I often think of the heavens

your hands have made,

and of the moon and stars

you put in place.

4 Then I ask, “Why do you care

about us humans?

Why are you concerned

for us weaklings?”

5 You made us a little lower

than you yourself,+

and you have crowned us

with glory and honor.

6 You let us rule everything

your hands have made.

And you put all of it

under our power—

7the sheep and the cattle,

and every wild animal,

8the birds in the sky,

the fish in the sea,

and all ocean creatures.

9Our Lord and Ruler,

your name is wonderful

everywhere on earth!


Psalm 8 leader: The Hebrew text adds “according to the gittith,” which may refer to either a musical instrument or a tune.
8.1 You … seen: Or “I will worship your glory.”
8.5 you yourself: Or “the angels” or “the beings in heaven.”

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