1 Samuel 17:27
And the people answered him after this manner, saying, So shall it be done to the man that killeth him.
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17:12-30 Jesse little thought of sending his son to the army at that critical juncture; but the wise God orders actions and affairs, so as to serve his designs. In times of general formality and lukewarmness, every degree of zeal which implies readiness to go further, or to venture more in the cause of God than others, will be blamed as pride and ambition, and by none more than by near relations, like Eliab, or negligent superiors. It was a trial of David's meekness, patience, and constancy. He had right and reason on his side, and did not render railing for railing; with a soft answer he turned away his brother's wrath. This conquest of his own passion was more honourable than that of Goliath. Those who undertake great and public services, must not think it strange if they are spoken ill of, and opposed by those from whom they expect support and assistance. They must humbly go on with their work, in the face not only of enemies' threats, but of friends' slights and suspicions.The living God - This fine expression occurs first in Deuteronomy (marginal reference), and next in Joshua 3:10, and 2 Kings 19:4. We find it twice in the Psalms of David Psalm 42:2; Psalm 84:2, four times in the prophets, and frequently in the New Testament. It is generally in contrast to false gods (1 Thessalonians 1:9, etc.). 25. make his father's house free in Israel—His family should be exempted from the impositions and services to which the general body of the Israelites were subjected. No text from Poole on this verse.

And the people answered him after this manner,.... Told him what was proposed to be done in honour to the man that should attempt to kill him, and succeed:

saying, so shall it be done to the man that killeth him; as before related, that he should be enriched, marry the king's daughter, and his family be ennobled, 1 Samuel 17:25.

And the people answered him after this manner, saying, So shall it be done to the man that killeth him.
1 Samuel 17:27When David heard these words, he made more minute inquiries from the bystanders about the whole matter, and dropped some words which gave rise to the supposition that he wanted to go and fight with this Philistine himself. This is implied in the words, "For who is the Philistine, this uncircumcised one (i.e., standing as he does outside the covenant with Jehovah), that he insults the ranks of the living God!" whom he has defied in His army. "He must know," says the Berleburger Bible, "that he has not to do with men, but with God. With a living God he will have to do, and not with an idol."
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