Exodus 36
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1. He makes an immediate beginning. He might have doubted the people's liberality (so much was required) or the workmen's ability, and have waited; but it was enough that God had commanded the work. If Christ has commanded us to rear up a tabernacle for God in every land nothing should stay us. He will give offerings and men.

2. He followed the Lord's guiding. He called the men whom he had named and prepared. There must be obedience as well as faith, not calling those we would choose, but hailing gladly, and honouring, the men whom God has prepared.

3. The materials are committed to them. If we are to be built into God's temple we must obey them who have the rule over us.


1. The glory of a liberal spirit. There was no need of a second appeal. Though they knew that much had been contributed they still gave.

2. It consecrated the work.

(1) It was a joy for the workmen to labour amid that generous liberality.

(2) It was a joy to Israel and their children to remember the story of the tabernacle. To labourers in the Lord's vineyard it is a mighty consecration when hearts are yielded on every side and more is thrust upon them than they can well use for the Master; and the remembrance of such times is power and refreshing in after days.

III. THE WORK PROCEEDS; THE SKILL AND LABOUR FAILED NOT. First the framework of the tabernacle is reared and the inner curtains made and placed; then the outer curtains, and lastly the boards, and bars, and veils are set up. The heart is first gained for God, then more and more of light and power is poured upon the outer life till the whole "grows unto an holy temple in the Lord." - U.

Exodus 36:8; ch. Exodus 39:43
These chapters recount how the tabernacle, etc., was actually made. On the several sections, see the Homiletics and Homilies on chs. 26-28. We have in them -

I. WORK DONE. The point to be observed here is that everything was done precisely according to the Divine directions. The makers turned not aside, either to the right hand or to the left, from what had been commanded them. They attempted no alteration on the plans. They did not try improvements; they added no ornaments. This was their wisdom, and secured for their work the Divine approval. Work for Christ should be done in the same way. We cannot improve upon his Gospel. We are not entitled to add to, or take from, his commands.

II. WORK INSPECTED (Exodus 39:33-43). When the work was finished the makers brought it to Moses, who looked upon it and pronounced that all had been done according "as the Lord had commanded" (ver. 43). The day of inspection will come for our work also (1 Corinthians 3:14, 15). Happy for us if the same verdict can be passed upon it!

III. WORK BLESSED. "And Moses blessed them" (ver. 43). "If any man's work abide which he has built thereupon, he shall receive a reward" (1 Corinthians 3:14). - J.O.

See homily on chap. 26. - J.O.

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