Luke 20:11
And again he sent another servant: and they beat him also, and entreated him shamefully, and sent him away empty.
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(11) And sent him away empty.—The emphatic repetition of the words that had been used in the previous verse is peculiar to St. Luke.

20:9-19 Christ spake this parable against those who resolved not to own his authority, though the evidence of it was so full. How many resemble the Jews who murdered the prophets and crucified Christ, in their enmity to God, and aversion to his service, desiring to live according to their lusts, without control! Let all who are favoured with God's word, look to it that they make proper use of their advantages. Awful will be the doom, both of those who reject the Son, and of those who profess to reverence Him, yet render not the fruits in due season. Though they could not but own that for such a sin, such a punishment was just, yet they could not bear to hear of it. It is the folly of sinners, that they persevere in sinful ways, though they dread the destruction at the end of those ways.See this parable explained in the notes at Matthew 21:33-45. 10. beat, &c.—(Mt 21:35); that is, the prophets, extraordinary messengers raised up from time to time. (See on [1708]Mt 23:37.) See Poole on "Luke 20:9"

And again he sent another servant,.... Or set of prophets in after times, and yet before the Babylonish captivity:

and they beat him also; as they had done the other; they continued in their malpractices, yea increased in them:

and entreated him shamefully; putting him to open shame, using him in a very ignominious and shameful manner, which it was a shame to relate, and which was shameful for them to do:

and sent him away empty; as they had done the other.

And again he sent another servant: and they beat him also, and entreated him shamefully, and sent him away empty.
11. And again he sent another] Jeremiah 44:4. Literally, “And he added to send another”—a Hebraism, Luke 19:11; Acts 12:3; Genesis 4:2entreated him shamefully] There is a gradation in their impious audacity. In St Matthew (Matthew 21:35) it is (1) beat, (2) killed, (3) stoned. In St Mark (Luke 12:3-5) it is (1) beat, and sent away empty; (2) wounded in the head, and insulted; (3) killed. And when more servants are sent they beat some and kill some.

Luke 20:11. Προσέθετο πέμψαι) A Hebraism often found in the LXX. Version.

Luke 20:11He sent yet (προσέθετο πέμψαι)

Lit., he added to send. A Hebrew form of expression.

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