Mark 7:16
If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.
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(16) If any man have ears to hear.—It was with this formula that our Lord had closed some at least of His parables (Mark 4:9, Matthew 13:10). And it was probably this that led to the form which the inquiry of the disciples took when they came to ask their Master “concerning the parable.” The whole verse is, however, omitted in many of the best MSS., and may have been originally a marginal note written by some early transcriber to call attention to the truth stated in the text.

7:14-23 Our wicked thoughts and affections, words and actions, defile us, and these only. As a corrupt fountain sends forth corrupt streams, so does a corrupt heart send forth corrupt reasonings, corrupt appetites and passions, and all the wicked words and actions that come from them. A spiritual understanding of the law of God, and a sense of the evil of sin, will cause a man to seek for the grace of the Holy Spirit, to keep down the evil thoughts and affections that work within.Full well - These words are capable of different interpretations. Some read them as a question: "Do ye do well in rejecting?" etc. Others suppose they mean "skillfully, cunningly." "You show great cunning or art, in laying aside God's commands and substituting in their place those of men." Others suppose them to be ironical. "How nobly you act! From conscientious attachment to your traditions you have made void the law of God;" meaning to intimate by it that they had acted wickedly and basely.CHAPTER 7

Mr 7:1-23. Discourse on Ceremonial Pollution. ( = Mt 15:1-20).

See on [1450]Mt 15:1-20.

See Poole on "Mark 7:15"

If any man have ears to hear, let him hear. See Gill on Matthew 11:15. If any man have ears to hear, let him hear.
Mark 7:16. Εἴ τις ἔχει, if any man have) Few of them comprehended what He had said. See verses following.

Verse 16. - This verse has some good authority, but not sufficient to be retained in the text. The Revisers of 1881 have placed it in the margin. Mark 7:16
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