Proverbs 11
Douay-Rheims Bible

A False Balance is an Abomination

1{2}Where pride is, there also shall be reproach: but where humility is, there also is wisdom.

2{3}The simplicity of the just shall guide them: and the deceitfulness of the wicked shall destroy them.

3{4}Riches shall not profit in the day of revenge: but justice shall deliver from death.

4{5}The justice of the upright shall make his way prosperous: and the wicked man shall fall by his own wickedness.

5{6}The justice of the righteous shall deliver them: and the unjust shall be caught in their own snares.

6{7}When the wicked man is dead, there shall be no hope any more: and the expectation of the solicitous shall perish.

7{8}The just is delivered out of distress: and the wicked shall be given up for him.

8{9}The dissembler with his mouth deceiveth his friend: but the just shall be delivered by knowledge.

9{10}When it goeth well with the just, the city shall rejoice: and when the wicked perish, there shall be praise.

10{11}By the blessing of the just the city shall be exalted: and by the mouth of the wicked it shall be overthrown.

11{12}He that despiseth his friend, is mean of heart: but the wise man will hold his peace.

12{13}He that walketh deceitfully, revealeth secrets: but he that is faithful, concealeth the thing committed to him by his friend.

13{14}Where there is no governor, the people shall fall: but there is safety where there is much counsel.

14{15}He shall be afflicted with evil, that is surety for a stranger: but he that is aware of snares, shall be secure.

15{16}A gracious woman shall find glory: and the strong shall have riches.

16{17}A merciful man doth good to his own soul: but he that is cruel casteth off even his own kindred.

17{18}The wicked maketh an unsteady work: but to him that soweth justice, there is a faithful reward.

18{19}Clemency prepareth life: and the pursuing of evil things, death.

19{20}A perverse heart is abominable to the Lord: and his will is in them that walk sincerely.

20{21}Hand in hand the evil man shall not be innocent: but the seed of the just shall be saved.

21{22}A golden ring in a swine's snout, a woman fair and foolish.

22{23}The desire of the just is all good, the expectation of the wicked is indignation.

23{24}Some distribute their own goods, and grow richer: others take away what is not their own, and are always in want.

24{25}The soul that blesseth, shall be made fat: and he that inebriateth, shall be inebriated also himself.

25{26}He that hideth up corn, shall be cursed among the people: but a blessing upon the head of them that sell.

26{27}Well doth he rise early who seeketh good things; but he that seeketh after evil things, shall be oppressed by them.

27{28}He that trusteth in his riches shall fall: but the just shall spring up as a green leaf.

28{29}He that troubleth his own house, shall inherit the winds: and the fool shall serve the wise.

29{30}The fruit of the just man is a tree of life: and he that gaineth souls is wise.

30{31}If the just man receive in the earth, how much more the wicked and the sinner.

31{12:1}He that loveth correction, loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof, is foolish.

Douay Rheims Version - Bishop Challoner Revision

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