Proverbs 11
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1Dishonest scales are disgusting to the LORD, but accurate weights are pleasing to him.

2Arrogance comes, then comes shame, but wisdom remains with humble people.

3Integrity guides decent people, but hypocrisy leads treacherous people to ruin.

4Riches are of no help on the day of fury, but righteousness saves from death.

5The righteousness of innocent people makes their road smooth, but wicked people fall by their own wickedness.

6Decent people are saved by their righteousness, but treacherous people are trapped by their own greed.

7At the death of a wicked person, hope vanishes. Moreover, his confidence in strength vanishes.

8A righteous person is rescued from trouble, and a wicked person takes his place.

9With his talk a godless person can ruin his neighbor, but righteous people are rescued by knowledge.

10When righteous people prosper, a city is glad. When wicked people die, there are songs of joy.

11With the blessing of decent people a city is raised up, but by the words of wicked people, it is torn down.

12A person who despises a neighbor has no sense, but a person who has understanding keeps quiet.

13Whoever gossips gives away secrets, but whoever is trustworthy in spirit can keep a secret.

14A nation will fall when there is no direction, but with many advisers there is victory.

15Whoever guarantees a stranger's loan will get into trouble, but whoever hates the closing of a deal remains secure.

16A gracious woman wins respect, but ruthless men gain riches.

17A merciful person helps himself, but a cruel person hurts himself.

18A wicked person earns dishonest wages, but whoever spreads righteousness earns honest pay.

19As righteousness leads to life, so whoever pursues evil finds his own death.

20Devious people are disgusting to the LORD, but he is delighted with those whose ways are innocent.

21Certainly, an evil person will not go unpunished, but the descendants of righteous people will escape.

22[Like] a gold ring in a pig's snout, [so] is a beautiful woman who lacks good taste.

23The desire of righteous people ends only in good, but the hope of wicked people ends only in fury.

24One person spends freely and yet grows richer, while another holds back what he owes and yet grows poorer.

25A generous person will be made rich, and whoever satisfies others will himself be satisfied.

26People will curse the one who hoards grain, but a blessing will be upon the head of the one who sells it.

27Whoever eagerly seeks good searches for good will, but whoever looks for evil finds it.

28Whoever trusts his riches will fall, but righteous people will flourish like a green leaf.

29Whoever brings trouble upon his family inherits [only] wind, and that stubborn fool becomes a slave to the wise in heart.

30The fruit of a righteous person is a tree of life, and a winner of souls is wise.

31If the righteous person is rewarded on earth, how much more the wicked person and the sinner!

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