2 Chronicles 3
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Building the Temple

1Then Solomon begana to build the LORD’s temple in Jerusalem on Mount Moriahb where the LORDc had appeared to his father David, at the site David had prepared on the threshing floor of Ornand the Jebusite. 2He began to build on the second day of the second month in the fourth year of his reign. 3These are Solomon’s foundationse for building God’s temple: the lengthf was 90 feet, g and the width 30 feet. h 4The portico, which was across the front extending across the width of the temple, was 30 feeti wide; its height was 30 feet; j  k he overlaid its inner surface with pure gold. 5The larger rooml he paneled with cypress wood, overlaid with fine gold, and decorated with palm trees and chains. 6He adorned the temple with precious stones for beauty, and the gold was the gold of Parvaim. 7He overlaid the temple — the beams, the thresholds, its walls and doors — with gold, m and he carved cherubim on the walls. n

The Most Holy Place

8Then he made the most holy place; its length corresponded to the width of the temple, 30 feet, o and its width was 30 feet. p  q He overlaid it with 45,000 poundsr of fine gold. 9The weight of the nails was 20 ouncess of gold, and he overlaid the ceiling with gold.

10He madet two cherubim of sculptured work, for the most holy place, and he overlaid them with gold. 11The overall length of the wings of the cherubim was 30 feet: u the wing of one was 7 1/2 feet, v touching the wall of the room; its other wing was 7 1/2 feet, w touching the wing of the other cherub. 12The wing of the otherx cherub was 7 1/2 feet, y touching the wall of the room; its other wing was 7 1/2 feet, z reaching the wing of the other cherub. 13The wingspan of these cherubim was 30 feet. aa They stood on their feet and faced the larger room. ab

14He made the veil of blue, purple, and crimson yarn and fine linen, and he wove cherubim into it. ac

The Bronze Pillars

15In front of the templead he made two pillars, each 27 feetae  af high. The capital on top of each was 7 1/2 feetag high. 16He had made chainwork in the inner sanctuary and also put it on top of the pillars. ah He made 100 pomegranates and fastened them into the chainwork. 17Then he set up the pillars in front of the sanctuary, one on the right and one on the left. He named the one on the right Jachinai and the one on the left Boaz. aj

a. 3:1-4 1Kg 6:1-3
b. 3:1 Gn 22:2
c. 3:1 LXX; Tg reads the Angel of the Lord ; MT reads He
d. 3:1 = Araunah in 2Sm 24:16-24
e. 3:3 Tg reads The measurements which Solomon decreed
f. 3:3 Lit length — cubits in the former measure —
g. 3:3 Lit 60 cubits
h. 3:3 Lit 20 cubits
i. 3:4 Lit 20 cubits
j. 3:4 LXX, Syr; MT reads 120 cubits
k. 3:4 Lit 20 cubits
l. 3:5 Lit The house
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o. 3:8 Lit 20 cubits
p. 3:8 Lit 20 cubits
q. 3:8 1Kg 6:16
r. 3:8 Lit 600 talents
s. 3:9 Lit 50 shekels
t. 3:10-13 1Kg 6:23-28
u. 3:11 Lit 20 cubits
v. 3:11 Lit five cubits
w. 3:11 Lit five cubits
x. 3:12 Syr, Vg; MT reads the one
y. 3:12 Lit five cubits
z. 3:12 Lit five cubits
aa. 3:13 Lit 20 cubits
ab. 3:13 Lit the house
ac. 3:14 Ex 26:31
ad. 3:15-17 1Kg 7:15-22; 2Kg 25:17; Jr 52:21-23
ae. 3:15 Hb uncertain
af. 3:15 Lit 35 cubits
ag. 3:15 Lit five cubits
ah. 3:16 1Kg 6:21; 7:17
ai. 3:17 = He Will Establish
aj. 3:17 = Strength Is in Him
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