Ezra 2
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The Exiles Who Returned

1Thesea now are the people of the province who came from those captive exiles King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonb had deported to Babylon.c They returned to Jerusalem and Judah, each to his own town. 2They came with Zerubbabel,d Jeshua,e Nehemiah, Seraiah,f Reelaiah, Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispar, Bigvai, Rehum, and Baanah.

The number of the Israelite men included:g

<"item"> 3Parosh’s descendantsh2,172

<"item"> 4Shephatiah’s descendants372

<"item"> 5Arah’s descendants775

<"item"> 6Pahath-moab’s descendants:

<"item">Jeshua’s and Joab’s descendants2,812

<"item"> 7Elam’s descendants1,254

<"item"> 8Zattu’s descendants945

<"item"> 9Zaccai’s descendants760

<"item"> 10Bani’s descendants642

<"item"> 11Bebai’s descendants623

<"item"> 12Azgad’s descendants1,222

<"item"> 13Adonikam’s descendantsi666

<"item"> 14Bigvai’s descendants2,056

<"item"> 15Adin’s descendants454

<"item"> 16Ater’s descendants: of Hezekiah98

<"item"> 17Bezai’s descendants323

<"item"> 18Jorah’s descendants112

<"item"> 19Hashum’s descendants223

<"item"> 20Gibbar’s descendants95

<"item"> 21Bethlehem’sj people123

<"item"> 22Netophah’s men56

<"item"> 23Anathoth’s men128

<"item"> 24Azmaveth’s people42

<"item"> 25Kiriatharim’s, Chephirah’s, and Beeroth’s people743

<"item"> 26Ramah’sk and Geba’s people621

<"item"> 27Michmas’s men122

<"item"> 28Bethel’s and Ai’sl men223

<"item"> 29Nebo’s people52

<"item"> 30Magbish’s people156

<"item"> 31the other Elam’s people1,254

<"item"> 32Harim’s people320

<"item"> 33Lod’s, Hadid’s, and Ono’s people725

<"item"> 34Jericho’sm people345

35Senaah’s people3,630

36The priests included:

<"item">Jedaiah’s descendants of the house of Jeshua973

<"item"> 37Immer’s descendants1,052

<"item"> 38Pashhur’s descendants1,247

39and Harim’s descendants1,017

40The Levites included:

<"item">Jeshua’s and Kadmiel’s descendants

from Hodaviah’s descendants74

41The singers included:

Asaph’sn descendants128

42The gatekeepers’o descendants included:

<"item">Shallum’s descendants, Ater’s descendants,

<"item">Talmon’s descendants, Akkub’s descendants,

Hatita’s descendants, Shobai’s descendants, in all139

43The temple servantsp included:

Ziha’s descendants, Hasupha’s descendants,

Tabbaoth’s descendants, 44Keros’s descendants,

Siaha’s descendants, Padon’s descendants,

45Lebanah’s descendants, Hagabah’s descendants,

Akkub’s descendants, 46Hagab’s descendants,

Shalmai’sq descendants, Hanan’s descendants,

47Giddel’s descendants, Gahar’s descendants,

Reaiah’s descendants, 48Rezin’s descendants,

Nekoda’s descendants, Gazzam’s descendants,

49Uzza’s descendants, Paseah’s descendants,

Besai’s descendants, 50Asnah’s descendants,

Meunim’sr descendants, Nephusim’ss descendants,

51Bakbuk’s descendants, Hakupha’s descendants,

Harhur’s descendants, 52Bazluth’s descendants,

Mehida’s descendants, Harsha’s descendants,

53Barkos’s descendants, Sisera’s descendants,

Temah’s descendants, 54Neziah’s descendants,

and Hatipha’s descendants.

55The descendants of Solomon’s servantst included:

<"item">Sotai’s descendants, Hassophereth’s descendants,

<"item">Peruda’s descendants, 56Jaalah’s descendants,

<"item">Darkon’s descendants, Giddel’s descendants,

<"item"> 57Shephatiah’s descendants, Hattil’s descendants,

<"item">Pochereth-hazzebaim’s descendants, and Ami’s descendants.

<"item"> 58All the temple servants

and the descendants of Solomon’s servants392.

59The following are those who came from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addan, and Immer but were unable to prove that their families and ancestry were Israelite:

<"item"> 60Delaiah’s descendants,

<"item">Tobiah’s descendants,

Nekoda’s descendants652

61and from the descendants of the priests: the descendants of Hobaiah, the descendants of Hakkoz, the descendants of Barzillai — who had taken a wife from the daughters of Barzillai the Gileadite and was called by their name. 62These searched for their entries in the genealogical records, but they could not be found, so they were disqualified from the priesthood. 63The governoru ordered them not to eat the most holy things until there was a priest who could consult the Urim and Thummim.v

<"item"> 64The whole combined assembly numbered42,360

<"item"> 65not including their 7,337 male and female slaves,

<"item">and their 200 male and female singers.w

<"item"> 66They had 736 horses, 245 mules,

67 435 camels, and 6,720 donkeys.

Gifts for the Work

68After they arrived at the LORD’s house in Jerusalem, some of the family leaders gave freewill offeringsx for the house of God in order to have it rebuilt on its original site. 69Based on what they could give, they gave 61,000 gold coins,y 6,250 poundsz of silver, and 100 priestly garments to the treasuryaa for the project. 70The priests, Levites, singers, gatekeepers, temple servants, and some of the people settled in their towns, and the rest of Israel settled in their towns.ab

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