1 Chronicles 18
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1And so it was after these things and David put the Philistines to the sword, and he destroyed them, and David took a cord of measurement from the hand of the Philistines, and he took Gath and its hamlets; those that were around the Philistines he broke into pieces. 2And he put the sword to the Moabites, and the Moabites became Servants, the Tax Collectors.

3And David killed Hadarezar, King of Netsibin, when he went to set the border in the River Euphrates. 4And David seized from him one thousand double horse chariots, and seven thousand horsemen, and David overthrew all the two horse chariots and he left of them a hundred double horse chariots.

5And the men of Adum and Darmsuq came to help Hadarzar, King of Netsibin, and David killed twenty and two thousand men of Adum. 6And David raised up Rulers in Darmsuq, and the Damascenes became Servants to David, Tax Collectors, and LORD JEHOVAH saved David in every place that he went. 7And David picked up the shields of gold that were hanging on the horses of the Servants of Hedarezar, and he brought them to Jerusalem. 8And from Tebakh and from Bruthi, cities of Hedarezar, David took very much brass, and from it David made the sea of brass and the pillars of brass and bulls of brass and the implements of brass, a great abundance.

9And Pul, King of the Antiochenes, heard that David put the armies of Hedarezar King of Netsibin to the sword. 10And he sent Yuram, his son, to King David, to inquire of his welfare and to congratulate him, because he fought with Hedarezar, and he killed him, because Hedarezar was a man warrior, and in the hand of Yuram there were vessels of silver and vessels of gold and vessels of brass. 11Also some of them King David hallowed to LORD JEHOVAH with silver and gold that he had taken from all the nations that he had defeated, of the Edomites, and of the sons of Amon, and of the Moabites, and of the Philistines and of the Amalekites.

12And Abishi, son of Tsuriya, the brother of Yuab, put the Edomites to the sword in the Valley of Salt, eighteen thousand men. 13And David appointed Governors over the Edomites, and all the Edomites were Servants to David, and LORD JEHOVAH saved David in every place that he was going.

14And David reigned over all Israel, and David was executing judgment and righteousness for all the people. 15And Yuab, son of Tsuriya, was authorized over all the armies, and Yahushaphat son of Akhilud was the Governor. 16And Tsaduq, son of Akhitub, and Akhimlek, son of Abiathar the Priest, and Sariya the Scribe 17And Benaya, son of Yuyada, was over the Archers and over the Slingers, and the sons of David were Princes.

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