1 Chronicles 20
Peshitta Holy Bible Translated Par ▾ 
1And it was the next year at the time of the going forth of Kings, and Yuab gathered the armies and he came and he encamped against the land of the sons of Amon, and he seized on it and he encamped against Rabbath their great city, and David was dwelling in Jerusalem, and Yuab seized Rabbath the city of the children of Amon, and he destroyed it. 2And David took the crown of their King from his head, and he weighed it, and he found in it the weight of a talent of gold, and there were fine gems in it, and David placed it on his head, and he brought out very much loot of the city. 3And the people that were in it he brought out and bound them in chains and in bands of iron and in locks and in restraints and he bound them all, and thus he did to all the children of men who were found in the villages of the children of Amon, and he did not kill a man of them, and he went on and settled them in the villages of the land of Israel, and David and all of his people returned to Jerusalem. t.”

4And after these things, there was war again in Aza with the Philistines; then Sabki, who was from Khamshath, killed Suphi who was of the sons of the giants 5He who was the brother of GulithGulyath, a Giant who was from Gath, and the point of his spear was thick as a weaver’s beam. 6And there was war again in Gath, and there was one man, a Giant of stature, and the digits of his hands and of his feet were six each, twenty and four in number, also he was born to reproach. 7And he was reproaching Israel, and Jonathan, son of Shama the brother of David, killed him. 8These four were born to reproach in Gath, and were destroyed by the hand of David and by the hand of his Servants.

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