1 Chronicles 24
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1And for the sons of Aaron: the divisions the sons of Aaron: Nadab and Abihu and Eliazar and Ithamar. 2And Nadab and Abihu died in the lifetime of Aaron their father, and they had no sons, and Eliazar and Ithamar ministered. 3And David divided them Tsaduq from the sons of Eliazar, and Akhimlek from the sons of Ithamar, by their number in their office. 4And the sons of Eliazar were found that the Chief man had were more than the sons of Ithamar, and the Chief man had half of the sons of Eliazar of the house of their fathers, and they were sixteen in number, and the Chief man had eight sons of Ithamar of the house of their fathers. 5And he divided them by lots, these with those, and from the sons of Eliazar and from the sons of Ithamar. 6And Shemaiah, son of Mathniel, the Scribe of the Levites, wrote them before King David and before The Elders of Israel, and Tsaduq the Priest, and Akhimlek, son of Abiathar, Chiefs of the fathers of the Priests and of the Levites; the house of the first father, one Eliazar, and one other, Ithamar.

7And the first lot came up for Yahuyada, the second for Yadaiyah. 8For the third for Kharam, for the fourth, Surim. 9For the fifth, Melakya, for the sixth, Miyamin. 10For the seventh, Aqouts, for the eighth, Abia. 11For the ninth, Elisha, for the tenth, Shekania. 12For the eleventh, Elishaph, for the twelfth, Eliqrab. 13For the thirteenth, Khupha, for the fourteenth, Ekhazyah. 14For the fifteenth, Bagla, for the sixteenth, Emar. 15For the seventeenth, Ekhazyah, for the eighteenth, Patsin. 16For the nineteenth, Pethikha, for the twentieth, Khazqiyel. 17For the twentyfirst, Yakin, for the twentysecond, Gemul. 18For the twentythird, Delaya, for the twentyfourth, Madya. 19These are the numbers of them entering to the house of LORD JEHOVAH for their works according to their law, as was needed by them in the counsel of Aaron their father, just as THE LORD OF LORDS had commanded Israel.

20And for the sons of Levi who were left and for the sons of Amram: Shubal; for the sons of Shubal: Yakhdiya and Rekhabyah. 21To the sons of Rekhabyah: his older, Yashwa, and Tsahar and Salmuth. 22To the sons of Salmuth: Nakhath 23And Eramyah and Khezayel and Neshamim. 24And the sons of Azyayel: Mikah; for the sons of Mikah, Shamir. 25The sons of Yashwa: Zechariah. 26The sons of Marari: Makhli and Mushi.

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