1 Chronicles 26
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1The divisions of the Door Keepers whom David the King appointed as Guards: Meshalyah of the sons of Yoseph. 2And Meshalyah had seven male children: Zechariah, the firstborn, Yadayel the second, Zechariah the third, Nathaniel the fourth 3Ilam the fifth, Yokhanan the sixth, Yaday the seventh. 4And Ubar Edom had sons: Shemaiah the firstborn, Yahozaban the second, Yoakh the third, Shabar the fourth, Matlal the fifth 5Gemil the sixth, Issakar the seventh, Palli the eighth, because LORD JEHOVAH blessed him. 6And to Shemaiah his son, sons were born who rule over the house of their fathers, because they are mighty men of power. 7The sons of Shemaiah: Gathayel and Gadkhaiel and Ubdayel and Zechariah, a mighty man of power, Elia and Semakyah. 8And all these were of the sons of Ubar Edom, those and their children and their brothers, mighty men of power of the army of the service of the house of Holiness, the sixtytwo sons of Ubar Edom. 9And Meshalyah his elder son had eighteen sons, mighty men of power. 10And Khasa of the sons of Merari had sons, mighty men of power, and his eldest son died, and his father raised up the one after him as Chief, and he did not call him by the name of the firstborn. 11Khelqia the second, Tebalya the third, Zechariah the fourth, all his sons and the brothers of Khasa, thirteen.

12The Door Keepers were distributed among these for the Head Guard, opposite their brethren, that they would be serving in the Holy House. 13And they cast lots, the young like the great, for the house of their fathers, for the gate and for the Gatekeeper. 14And a lot fell to the East to Shelamiah and Zechariah his son, an Adviser in intelligence. They cast lots, and his portion came out to the north. 15To Ubar Edom at the south, and to his sons between the doorposts. 16To Shupim and to Khusia at the west, unto the gate that is constructed in the street that goes up, watch post next to watch post. 17To the East six Levites, at the east for four days, at the South four days, and between the two door posts. 18To Parbar at the west four, two at the streets at Parbar. 19These are the divisions of the Gate Keepers of the sons of Qorah and of the sons of Marari.

20The Levites: Akhiah over the storehouses of the house of God and over the storehouses of Holiness. 21The sons of Laadan: of the sons of Gershun, of Laadan, the Chiefs of the fathers, of Laadan the Gershunite, Nakhli.

22The sons of Nakhli: Zitham and Yoel his brother over the storehouses of the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 23Of the Amramites, of the Itsharites, of the Khebrunites, of the Uzilites. 24And Shemueil, son of Gershun, son of Moshe stood over the storehouses. 25And his brother Eliazar, Rekhabyah his son, Eshaiah his son, Yuram his son, Zekri his Son, Shelumeeth his son. 26He, Shelumeeth, and his brothers were over all the storehouses of holiness which David the King hallowed, and the Chiefs of the fathers and the Commanders of thousands and of hundreds and the Commanders of the army. 27They dedicated from battles and from spoils for the strengthening of the house of LORD JEHOVAH 28And all that Shemueil the Seer dedicated, and Shaul son of Qish and Abnir son of Nir and Yuab son of Yetsuraiah and all that was hallowed by the hands of Shelumeeth and of his brothers

29Of the Yetsurites: Kunaniah and his sons for service in the street over Israel, for the Governors and for the Judges. 30Of the Khebrunites: Kheshabya and his brothers, sons of power, one thousand and seven hundred over the accounting of Israel, from the crossing of Jordan and to the West for all the work of LORD JEHOVAH, and for the service of the King. 31Of the Khebrunites: Neriah, Head of the Khebrunites for their generations for the house of their fathers, in the fortieth year of the kingdom of David, mighty men of power were sought and were found among them in Yazar of Gelad. 32And his brothers, sons of power, two thousand and seven hundred Chiefs of the fathers, and King David authorized them over the sons of Rubil and the sons of Gad and over half of the tribe of Menashe, concerning all the words of God and the words of the King.

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