2 Chronicles 25
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1Amutsia was a son of twenty and five years when he arose in the kingdom, and he reigned twenty and nine years in Jerusalem, and the name of his mother was Yahuadan, from Jerusalem. 2And he did what is beautiful before LORD JEHOVAH, only not with a heart perfect. 3And it was that when the kingdom grew strong in his hand, he killed his Servants who murdered his father the King. 4And he did not kill the children of the murderers, because thus it is written in The Book of the Law of Moshe: ”LORD JEHOVAH commanded and said, ‘Parents shall not die for the sake of the children, and children shall not die for the sake of the parents. A man shall die in his sins.”

5And Amutsia gathered those of the house of Yehuda and he appointed them for the house of their fathers, Captains of thousands and Rulers of hundreds, and all Yehuda and Benjamin, and he numbered them from a son of twenty years and above, and he found them three hundred thousand young men going out for battle, drawing swords and carrying shields. 6And he hired from Israel a hundred thousand men mighty men of power for a hundred talents of silver. 7And a Prophet of LORD JEHOVAH came to him and said to the King: “All the army of Israel shall not enter with you, because LORD JEHOVAH is not with all Israel and not with all of the house of Aphreim. 8Because you are entering to make great war, LORD JEHOVAH casts you before your enemies, because you have not glorified LORD JEHOVAH who is the helper and the one who exalts.” 9And Amutsia said to the Prophet of LORD JEHOVAH: “What, have I done wrong that I have given these hundred talents for the men of Israel?” And the Prophet of God said to him: “Your Lord your God has more than double this to give to you for what you have given!” 10And Amutsia separated the men who came to him from those of the house of Aphreim to go to their place, and his anger was kindled greatly against those of the house of Israel, and he returned them to their place in the anger of his passion.

11And Amutsia was empowered and he took his people and he went to the Valley of Salt and he killed and put to the sword the sons of the Mountain of Gebal, ten thousand. 12And the sons of Yehuda seized ten thousand while they were alive and brought them to the top of the rocks, and all of them came while they were bound in chains. 13And the sons of the Giants whom Amutsia took captive when he went to battle, he authorized them in the cities of Yehuda and in Samaria and in the cities of the Gentiles, and they attacked with the sword some three thousand of them from the cities, and they plundered much loot.

14And it happened after Amutsia came, when he returned to destroy the Edomites, they brought to him the gods of the children of the Mount of Gebal, and he stood them up before him, and he worshiped in front of them, and he offered up to them censers of sweet spices. 15And LORD JEHOVAH was angered against Amutsia, and he sent a Prophet to him and said to him: “Why have you prayed before the gods of the Gentiles that were unable to save their worshipers from your hands?” 16And it was that when the Prophet spoke with him, he said to him: “The worship of wooden things has been given to the Kings.” And the Prophet withdrew himself from him and said to him, “Woe to you! Behold, LORD JEHOVAH has counseled evil counsel against you to destroy you, and you have not listened to my voice!”

17And King Amutsia took counsel of the house of Yehuda and he sent to Yoash son of Yahuakhaz, son of Yahu King of Israel, and said to him: “Come, we shall see face to face!” 18And Yuash King of Israel sent to Amutsia, King of Yehuda, and said to him: “The thorn bush that is in Lebanon sent to the cedar that is in Lebanon and said to it: ‘Give your daughter to my son as a wife.’ And a wild animal that was in Lebanon passed by and trod on the thorn bush. 19Putting to the sword, you have destroyed the Edomites; because of this, your heart has grown to boast; and stay in your house. And why are you stirred up by evil and will fall, you and those of the house of Yehuda with you?”

20And Amutsia did not listen, and Yoash King of Israel went up, and Amutsia King of Yehuda. 21And they went up and they saw face to face in the city Bayth Shemesh that is at the border of the land of the house of Yehuda. 22The Peshitta omits this verse. 23And Yuash King of Israel seized Amutsia, King of Yehuda, in the city Bayth Shemesh, and they brought him to Jerusalem, and he broke through the wall of Jerusalem from the gate of Aphreim unto the gate of the corner, four hundred cubits. 24And he took silver and gold and the vessels that were found in the house of LORD JEHOVAH with the vessels of Ubar Edom and the storehouse of the house of the King and the implements of the house of the King and the implements of gold, and he returned to Samaria.

25And Amutsia son of Yoash King of Yehuda lived fifteen years after Yuash son of Yahuakhaz King of Israel died. 26And the rest of the words of Amutsia, first and last, behold, those are written on the Scroll of the Kings of Yehuda and of Israel. 27And after Amutsia had departed from the worship of LORD JEHOVAH, his Servants conspired against him in a conspiracy in Jerusalem, and he fled to Lakish, and they sent after him to Lakish, and they killed him there. 28And his Servants took him away by horses, and they buried him with his fathers in the city of David.

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