2 Chronicles 31
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1And when they had finished all these things, all the people of Israel who were found in the cities of the house of Yehuda went out, and they broke the statues and they broke the leopards and they toppled the hill shrines, and they toppled the high places that were in Yehuda, and in Benjamin, and in Ephraim, and in Manasheh, unto wherever Israel returned, and they all came to their inheritance and they entered their cities in peace.

2And Hezekiah appointed Guards of the Priests and of the Levites over their Guards, each man according to his service for the Priests and for the Levites and for the burning offerings and for peace offerings to serve, and to give thanks and to sing at the gates of LORD JEHOVAH.

3And the King gave some of his slaughtered ones, sacrifices of oxen of the dawn and of the evening, and offerings of Sabbaths and of the beginning of the month, and of the feasts, and he spoke to the people just as it is written in the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH. 4And he said to Israel who dwell in Jerusalem to render the right of the Priests and of the Levites, because he strengthened them in the Torah of LORD JEHOVAH. 5And when the message multiplied upon Israel, they were bringing the first fruits of grain and of wine and of oil and of their beasts and of the crops of the field, and they were bringing great tithes. 6And the children of Israel and Yehuda who were dwelling in the towns of Yehuda, they also were bringing one tenth, they were bringing tithes and they were offering to LORD JEHOVAH their God; they were bringing first fruits upon first fruits of grain, and of wine, and of oil, and of their beasts, and of the crops of the field, and they were bringing one tenth, and they were holy to LORD JEHOVAH their God. 7And in the third month the first fruits were found that was a great abundance, and in the seventh month Hezekiah took and distributed it to the Priests and to the Levites. 8And Hezekiah and the Princes saw the first fruits of the Priests that were very abundant, and they blessed LORD JEHOVAH and they prayed for Israel. 9And Hezekiah prayed for the Priests and for the Levites concerning the abundant first fruits. 10And he called Azraya the Great Priest of those of the house of Tsadoq and said to them: “It is permitted to you to eat this first fruits, because it came into the house of LORD JEHOVAH. Eat and be satisfied, and give the rest of it to the poor and to the afflicted, for LORD JEHOVAH has blessed his people and he has given them this abundance.” And they gave the rest to all the people of Israel.

11And Hezekiah said to prepare the courts in the house of LORD JEHOVAH. 12And they prepared and they brought the first fruits tithe and holy things in faith, and over them there were Authorities: Kenaniyah a Levite and Shami his brother, the second 13And Nekhiel, and Uzziah, and Nakhath, and Ashail, and Yarmuth, and Yuzabar, and Elil, Semakyah, and Matakh, and Benaiah, and Shemaia his brother; these all were authorized by the hand of Kananiyah, according to the authority of Hezekiah the King and Azraya the Steward of the King. 14And Qaria, son of Yamna the Levite, guarding the eastern gate, was authorized over the offerings of LORD JEHOVAH and over the Holy of Holies. 15And with him were devoted Edun, and Benjamin, and Yeshua, and Shemaia, and Amariah and Shekaniah in the villages of the Priest in faithfulness to give portions to their brothers, to the great like the small 16Outside of what is right for the males from a son three years old and above, to everyone whoever enters the house of LORD JEHOVAH 17And the accounting day by day for their services in their stations, in their divisions, and oil and wine was given to the Priests and for the Levites, for the house of their fathers, from a son twenty years old and above, in their stations, in their divisions. 18And oil was given for their lanterns, and to their wives, and to their sons, and to their daughters, and to all the people of Israel, for by faith they were sanctified. 19Because the sons of Aaron the Priest were holy ones, their flesh was holy, and they were not to touch their wives, and those men whose names were known were walking around in every village that they would give the right to every male that is among the Priests and to all the generations of Levi.

20And Hezekiah did so in all Yehuda, and he did what is good and what is beautiful, and walked in the truth before LORD JEHOVAH 21In all his deeds that he was beginning to do in the house of LORD JEHOVAH in the Torah and in the commandments, to seek God with all his heart, and he did and he was successful.

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