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1And these are the children of the city who came up from the captivity that Nebukadnetsar King of Babel took captive and took them to Babel, and they returned to Jerusalem and to Yehuda, and they went, each man, to his city: 2Yeshua, Nekhemiah, Seriah, Arelaiah, Murdacai, Belishan, Menyana, Bagway, Arkhum and Bana entered with Zurbabeil. 3The number of men of Israel: the children of Parash, two thousand and one hundred and seventy and two. 4The children of Shephatiah, three hundred and seventy and two. 5The children of Arakh, seven hundred and seventy and five. 6The children of ShultanMoab, the children of Yeshua and Yuab, two thousand and eight hundred and twelve. 7The children of Ilam, one thousand and two hundred and fifty and four. 8The children of Nethaniah, nine hundred and forty and five. 9The children of Zakkai, seven hundred and sixty. 10The children of Beni, one hundred and forty and two. 11The children of Bebi, six hundred and twenty and three. 12The children of Gadar, one thousand and two hundred and twenty and two. 13The children of Adaniqum, six hundred and sixty and six. 14The children of Bagvai, two thousand and fiftysix. 15The children of Edun, four hundred and sixty and four. 16The children of Atar of Hezekiah, ninety and eight. 17The children of Pazi, three hundred and twenty and three. 18The children of Yehuda, a hundred and twelve. 19The children of Kheshum, two hundred and twenty and three. 20The children of Gad, ninety and five. 21The children of Lekhem, a hundred and twenty and three. 22The people of Nutapha, fifty and six. 23The people of Natuth, a hundred and twenty and eight. 24The children of Azmuth, forty and two. 25The children of QuryathNarayn and Kephira and Beruth, seven hundred and forty and three. 26The children of Ramtha and Gaba, seven hundred and twenty and one. 27The men of Makmas, a hundred and twenty and two. 28The men of Beyth Eil and Ai, two hundred and twenty and three. 29The children of Nabu, fifty and two. 30The children of Magdash, a hundred and fifty and six. 31The children of Ilam, one thousand and two hundred and fifty and four. 32The children of Kharam, three hundred and twenty. 33The children of Lud and Khadar and Inu, seven hundred and twenty and five. 34The children of Yerikho, three hundred and forty and five. 35The children of Senaah, three thousand and six hundred and thirty.

36The Priests, the sons of Yedaia of the house of Yeshua, nine hundred and seventy and three. 37The children of Amir, one thousand and two hundred and fifty and two. 38The children of Pashkhur, one thousand and two hundred and seventy and four. 39The children of Kharum, one thousand and seventeen.

40The Levites, the children of Yeshua and Qadmiah and the children of Hudia, seventy and four. 41These are those who serve the children of Asaph: one hundred and twenty and eight. 42The children of Taril, and the children of Shallum, the children of Atar, the children of Altman, the children of Yaqob, the children of Khetuta, the children of Shabbi, all of them one hundred and thirty and nine.

43Nethanites: the children of Tsiniya, the children of Khushba, the children of Tabuth 44The children of Qaras, the children of Siya, the children of Parun 45The children of Labiya, the children of Khagba, the children of Yaqob, 46The children of Khagab, the children of Shalmi, the children of Khanan, 47The children of Gazal, the children of Khagar, the children of Daya, 48The children of Daytsun, the children of Deburah, the children of Gazam, 49The children of Aza, the children of Patakh, the children of Basaz, 50The children of Asiya, the children of Mathnin, the children of Nephusin, 51The children of Baqbuq, the children of Khequpha, the children of Khadkhur, 52The children of Betslauth, the children of Mekhira, the children of Kharsha, 53The children of Qarqus, the children of Sisra, the children of Tamna, 54The children of Netsyakh, the children of Khetupha,

55The children of Evar, the children of Shalim, the children of Satim, the children of Espruth, the children of Pruda, 56The children of Ala, the children of Shephatyah, the children of Tarquun, 57The children of Gadal, the children of Khatuul, the children of Baqruth, the children of Khiltha, the children of Amar.

58All the Nethanites and the children of Avar and Shalim: three hundred and ninety and two.

59And theses are those who came up from Telmalkha to Telabah and to Korbi; then it was told and they could not show the families of their fathers and their seed, but only whoever were from Israel. 60The children of Delaia, the children of Tubia, the children of Neqaryah: six hundred and fifty and two.

61And from the children of the Priests, the children of Khabiyah, the children of Qehuuts, the children of Barzali who took a wife of the daughters of Barzali the Galadite, and he was called by their name. 62These looked in the book of their genealogies and they did not find them, and they removed them from the priesthood. 63And the Leaders of Israel said to them that they shall not eat from the Holy of Holies until a Great Priest would arise, and he would inquire and he would see.

64All of the assembly together was fortytwo thousand three hundred and sixty. 65Apart from their Servants and their Maid Servants, which were seven thousand and three hundred and thirty and seven, and their Ministers who serve them, two hundred. 66Their horses, seven hundred and thirty and six; their female mules, two hundred and forty and five. 67Their camels, four hundred and thirty and five; six thousand seven hundred and ten donkeys.

68Some of the Chiefs of the fathers, when they entered the house of LORD JEHOVAH that is in Jerusalem, they counseled for the house of LORD JEHOVAH, and they ruled and they were in their army. 69And they gave to the treasury of the work sixtyone thousand gold darics, and five thousand silver minas, and a hundred garments for the Priests.

70And the Priests and the Levites, and some people, and some Ministers, and some Porters and Nethanites, and those who were dwelling in their towns returned, and all Israel, into their towns.

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