Jeremiah 43
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1And when Jeremiah had finished speaking to all the people all the words of LORD JEHOVAH their God, for LORD JEHOVAH their God sent him to them to tell them these words 2Yazaniah, son of Hoshiah, and Yokhanan, son of Qorakh and all the wicked men said to Jeremiah: "You have spoken falsely. LORD JEHOVAH our God has not sent you that you would say to us, ‘You shall not enter Egypt to dwell there’ 3Because Baruk, son of Neriah, provoked you among us to deliver us into the hand of the Chaldeans that they would kill us and they would take us captive to Babel!" 4And Yokhanan, son of Qorakh, and all the Leaders of the armies and all the people did not listen to the voice of LORD JEHOVAH, that they should dwell in the land of Judea 5And Yokhanan, son of Qorakh, took all the Leaders of armies and all the remnant who were left of the house of Yehuda 6The men and women and the boys and the household of the King, all the souls that Nebuzaradan the High Guard left to Gedaliah, son of Akhiqam, son of Shaphan, and Jeremiah the Prophet, and Baruk, son of Neriah 7And they came to the land of Egypt because that they did not listen to his voice of LORD JEHOVAH, and they came unto Takhpis

8And the word of LORD JEHOVAH was on Jeremiah in Takhpis, saying: 9“Take into your hand great stones and hide them in the mortar in the brick kiln in the gate of the house of Pharaoh, in Takhpis, before the eyes of the men of Judea 10And say to them: ‘Thus says LORD JEHOVAH of Hosts, God of Israel: behold, I am sending and I am leading Nebukadnetsar, King of Babel, my Servant, and he shall put his throne over these stones that I have hid, and he shall put on his armor over them 11And he shall come and he shall strike the land of Egypt, those who are for death, with death, and those who are for captivity, with captivity, and those who are for the sword, with the sword 12And he shall set fire in the house of the gods of the Egyptians, and he shall burn them and he shall take them captive, and he shall cover the land as a Shepherd is covered with a wool cloak, and he will go forth from there in peace 13And he shall break the monument of The House of The Sun that is in the land of Egypt, and the houses of the gods of the Egyptians he will burn in fire

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