Joshua 7
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1And the children of Israel caused great evil in the destruction, and Akar son of Karmi son of Zabdi son of Zarakh from the tribe of Yehuda took and was taking from what was under the ban, and he hid it, and the anger of LORD JEHOVAH was provoked against the children of Israel

2And Yeshua sent men from Yerikho to Ai which was upon the side of Bayth Awan from the east of Bayth Eil, and he said to them: “Go up, spy out the land.” And the men went up and spied out Ai 3And they returned to Yeshua and they were saying to him: “Do not let all the people go up, but let about two or three thousand men go up. They will destroy Ai. Do not send all the people, because they are few”, 4And some of the people went up there, about three thousand men, and they fled from before the men of Ai 5And the men of Ai killed with the sword thirty and six men of Israel and pursued them before the gates until they were defeated and they struck them with slaughter, and the heart of the people trembled and they were like water

6And Yeshua ripped his clothes and he fell on his face on the Earth, and the Elders of Israel, before the ark of LORD JEHOVAH until that evening, and they cast dust on their heads 7And Yeshua said: “Oh, LORD JEHOVAH God, why have you made this people cross over this Jordan, that you would hand us over into the hand of the Amorites? Oh that we were dwelling by ourselves indeed at the crossing of Jordan! 8And what therefore shall I say when Israel has turned his back before his enemies? 9Also the Canaanites and all the inhabitants of the land shall hear and they will be assembled against us, and our name will be destroyed from the face of the Earth, and what are you doing to your great name?”

10And LORD JEHOVAH said to Yeshua: “Get up! Why do you lie on your face on the Earth? 11Israel has sinned and they have violated the commandment that I have commanded them, and they took from the destruction, also they have stolen, also they have lied, and they have concealed among their implements 12And the children of Israel shall not be able to stand again before their enemies but they shall turn their back before their enemies, because they were for destruction, and I shall not be with them again unless you remove the curse from among you 13Arise! Summon this people and say: ‘Be assembled tomorrow, because thus says LORD JEHOVAH the God of Israel: a curse is among you, oh Israel! You are not able to stand again before your enemies until you will remove the curse from within you 14And at dawn your tribes shall approach and the tribe that LORD JEHOVAH will take, it shall come by families, and the family that LORD JEHOVAH shall take shall come nearby households, and the household that LORD JEHOVAH will take shall come by men 15And whoever is taken with the curse will burn up in fire, he and everything that he has, because he violated the commandment of LORD JEHOVAH and because he did evil in Israel”

16And Yeshua arose early at dawn and he approached Israel, to the tribes, and the tribe of Yehuda was taken 17And he approached the tribe of Yehuda by families, and the family of Zerakh was taken, and he approached the family of Zerakh by households, and Zabdi was taken 18And he approached his household by men, and Akar son of Karmi, son of Zabdi, son of Zarakh from the family of Yehuda was taken 19And Yeshua said to Akar: “Ascribe greatness to LORD JEHOVAH the God of Israel and give to him acknowledgement, and show whatever you have done and you shall not hide it from me” 20Akar Answered and said to Yeshua: “Truly I have sinned against LORD JEHOVAH God of Israel, and thus I have done 21I saw in the spoil, one Babylonian tapestry, and it was beautiful, and two hundred shekels of silver and one wedge of gold that weighed fifty shekels, and I lusted for them and I took them, and behold, they are buried for me in the ground in my tent, and the silver from beneath them

22And Yeshua sent men and they ran to his tent, and they saw those things buried in his tent and the silver from beneath them 23And they took them from his tent and they brought them to Yeshua and to all Israel and laid them before LORD JEHOVAH 24And Yeshua led Akar son of Zarakh and he took the silver and the tapestry and the wedge of gold and he took his children and his daughters and his oxen and his donkeys and his sheep and his tent and everything that he had, and all Israel with him and he brought them up to the valley of Akur 25And Yeshua said to him: “Why have you troubled us? LORD JEHOVAH shall trouble you this day.” And all Israel stoned him with stones, him and everyone who was his, and they burned them in fire 26And they raised upon him a great heap of stones until today. And LORD JEHOVAH ceased from the heat of his wrath; because of this, the name of that country has been called “The Valley of Akar” until today

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