2 Chronicles 23
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Jehoiada Establishes Joash as King

(2 Kings 11:9-12)

1Seven years later, Jehoiada mustered up some courage and made a deal with the officers who commanded units of hundreds of soldiers, including Jehoram’s son Azariah, Jehochanan’s son Ishmael, Obed’s son Azariah, Adaiah’s son Maaseiah, and Zichri’s son Elishaphat. 2They traveled throughout Judah and gathered together the descendants of Levi from all the cities of Judah, along with the Israeli family leaders. 3Everybody went to Jerusalem, and the whole group made a covenant with the king in God’s Temple, where Jehoiadaa addressed them:

“Look! The king’s son is going to rule, just as the LORD promised David’s descendants. 4So here’s what you’ll need to do: One third of you priests and descendants of Levi who are on duty during the Sabbath will serve as guards at the temple gates. 5Another third of you priests and descendants of Levib will take your places in the royal palace, while another third of you priests and descendants of Levic will stand near the Foundation Gate. The rest of you will remain in the courtyard of the LORD’s Temple. 6Nobody is to enter the LORD’s Temple except for the priests and descendants of Levi who are on duty. They may enter because they are ceremonially holy, but all the rest of the people must observe the LORD’s instructions. 7The descendants of Levi will surround the king, brandishing weapons in their hands, and anybody who enters the Temple will be killed. Stay near the king wherever he enters and leaves.”

8What Jehoiada the priest ordered is precisely what the descendants of Levi and all of Judah did. Each of them took the men who were on duty on the Sabbath as well as those who were off duty. Jehoiada the priest did not release the divisions from service, 9and Jehoiada the priest issued the spears and shields that King David had placed in storage in God’s Temple to the officers in charge of the units of hundreds. 10He set the rest of the people to serve as guards for the king, and each one brandished weapons in his hand, from the south side of the Temple to the north side of the Temple, around the altar, and surrounding the palace. 11Then he brought out the king’s son, put a crown on him, and presented him with the Testimony,d

Joash is Crowned and Athaliah Executed

(2 Kings 11:9-12)

12When Athaliah heard all the commotion of the people running around and praising the king, she went straight to the LORD’s Temple to confronte the people. 13She looked around, and there was the king, standing by his pillar at the gate, accompanied by officers and trumpeters who stood beside the king, along with all the people of the land rejoicing and sounding trumpets while singers lead the celebration with their musical instruments. Athaliah tore her robes and yelled “Treason! Treason!”

14But Jehoiada the priest summoned the captains of hundreds who had been appointed in charge over the army and ordered them, “Bring her out between the ranks, and execute anyone who follows her.” The priest also told them, “Don’t execute her in the LORD’s Temple.” 15So they arrested her when she arrived at the entrance to the Horse Gate near the royal palace, and then they executed her there.

Jehoiada’s Reforms

(2 Kings 12:17-20)

16After this, Jehoiada drew up a covenant between himself as an individual with all the people, and between himself as king, that they would be the LORD’s people. 17Then all the people went to the temple of Baal, broke its altars and idols to pieces, and executed Mattan, the priest of Baal, in front of the altars. 18Jehoiada also placed the offices of the LORD’s Temple under the authority of the Levitical priests whom David had assigned over the LORD’s Temple, just as is required by the Law of Moses, to offer the LORD’s burnt offerings with joy and singing, just as David had ordered. 19Jehoiadaf also stationed inspectorsg at the LORD’s Temple so that no one would enter who was ritually unclean in any manner. 20He also took the captains of hundreds, the nobles, the people’s governors, and all the people of the land, and they all marched with the king from the LORD’s Temple through the upper gate to the royal palace, where they installed the king on his royal throne. 21There all of the people of the land rejoiced and the city stayed quiet, because they had executed Athaliah with a sword.

a 23:3 Lit. he
b 23:5 The Heb. lacks priests and descendants of Levi
c 23:5 The Heb. lacks priests and descendants of Levi
d 23:11 i.e. the tablets that were stored in the ark; cf. Ex 25:16, 31:18
e 23:12 The Heb. lacks confront
f 23:19 Lit. He
g 23:19 Lit. gatekeepers

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