Ezekiel 19
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A Prophecy against Israel’s Nobles

1“Now as for you, publisha this mourning psalm about Israel’s leaders. 2Tell them:

‘What a lioness your mother was among lions!

She reared her cubs in the midst of fierce young males.

3She raised one cub in particular,

teaching that fierce lion to become a hunter-prowler—

to eat human beings.

4The nations heard about him.

He had become caught in their trap.b

They brought him with hooks

to the land of Egypt.

5When she learned that her plans had been frustrated

and that her hopes were dashed,

she took another of her cubs

and turned him into a fierce lion.

6He prowled around among the lions,

became a strong, young lion,

and learned to become a hunter-prowler—

to eat human beings.

7He rapedc the women,

devastating their towns.

The land was made desolate,

and all the while the land was filled

with the sound of his roaring.

8The surrounding nations attacked.

They tossed their net over him,

and he was caught in their trap.d

9They imprisoned him in a cage with hooks

and brought him to the king of Babel.

Then they placed him in their dungeon

where his voice would no longer be heard

on the mountains of Israel.

10‘Your mother was like a vine

entwining a pomegranate,e

planted by water, full of fruit,

and full of branches

because it had been watered generously.

11Strong were its boughs,

suitable for use in the scepter of a ruler.

It reached to the clouds,

noticeable because of its height

and its abundant branches.

12Yet in anger it was uprooted

and cast down to the earth.

An east wind desiccated its fruit;

its strong branches broke off and withered,

and a fire consumed them.

13Now it is planted in the desert,

in a dry and thirsty land!

14Fire had burned through its branches,

consuming its shoots and fruits.

No strong branches remain in it,

and there is no scepter to rule!’

“This is a lamentation, and it is to be used in mourning.”

a 19:1 Lit. sound forth
b 19:4 Lit. pit
c 19:7 Lit. knew
d 19:8 Lit. pit
e 19:10 So LXX; MT reads in your blood, misreading the Heb. a pomegranate

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