Ezekiel 2
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Ezekiel’s Commission to Prophesy

1“Son of Man,” the LORD said,a “get up on your feet. I want to talk to you.” 2Even while he was speaking to me, the Spirit entered me, set me on my feet, and I listened to the voice that had been speaking to me.

3“Son of Man, I’m sending you to that rebellious people, the Israelis, who have rebelled against me the same way their ancestors did. And they’re still rebelsb to this very day! 4They’re stubbornc and strong willed. I’m sending you to them to tell them what the LORD says. 5Whether this rebellious groupd listens to you or not, at leaste they’ll realize that a prophet had appeared in their midst!

6“Now as for you, Son of Man, never be afraid of them or of anything they have to say, because being with them will be like settling down to live among briers, thorn bushes, and scorpions! Don’t be afraid of anything they have to say, and don’t be awed by their appearance, since they are a rebellious group.f 7You are to tell them whatever I have to say to them, whether they listen or not, since they are rebellious.”

The Vision of the Edible Scroll

8“Son of Man, you are to listen to what I tell you. You are never to be rebellious like they are: a rebellious group.g Now, open your mouth and eat what I’m giving you…”

9As I watched, all of a sudden there was a hand being stretched out in my direction! And there was a scroll 10being unrolled right in front of me! Written on both sides were lamentations, mourning, and cries of grief.h

a 2:1 The Heb. lacks the LORD said
b 2:3 The Heb. lacks And they’re still rebels
c 2:4 Lit. They’re children of hard faces
d 2:5 Lit. house
e 2:5 The Heb. lacks at least
f 2:6 Lit. house
g 2:8 Lit. house
h 2:10 The Heb. lacks of grief

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