Ezekiel 39
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The Destruction of Gog

1“Now as for you, Son of Man, prophesy against Goga and tell him, ‘This is what the Lord GOD has to say: “Watch out, Gog, you leader of the headb of Meshech and of Tubal! 2I’m going to turn you around, drag you along to your destruction,c and bring you up from the farthest parts of the north, and carry you to the mountains of Israel. 3There I will strike your bow from your left hand and your arrows from your right, causing your fall. 4You will collapse on the mountains of Israel, along with all of your soldiers and the nations that have accompanied you. There the raptors, vultures,d and wild animals will feed on you. 5You will fall dead in the open fields, because I have ordered this to happen,’ declares the Lord GOD. 6‘I’m also going to incinerate Magog, along with those who are settled down and at home in the islands. That’s when they’ll learn that I am the LORD. 7I’ll make my holiness and reputatione known in the midst of my people Israel, and I won’t let my holiness be profaned anymore. The nations will learn that I, the LORD, am holy in the midst of Israel. 8Pay attention! It’s coming and will certainly happen,’ declares the Lord GOD. ‘This will be the day about which I’ve spoken!’”’”

The Aftermath of the Battle

9“After all this happens, the people who live in the cities of Israel will be kindling fires for seven years, using small shields, large shields, bows, arrows, clubs, personal weapons, and spears to do so. 10They won’t need to cut down trees from the fields nor gather firewood from the forests, because they will light fires with the weapons as they plunder the plunderers and loot the looters!” declares the Lord GOD. 11“When all of this happens, I’m going to set aside a grave site for Gog in Israel’s Traveler’s Valley,f near the approachg to the Dead Sea. Sheh will block off everyone who tries to bypass it. There they will bury Gog, and rename the area ‘Valley of Gog’s Gang’.i 12The house of Israel will be burying them for seven months in order to purify the land. 13Everyone in the land will be involved in the burials, and this will serve as a reminder for them that I have glorified myself,” declares the Lord GOD. 14“Men will be assigned to travel continuously throughout the land, exploring for seven full months as they go about burying the bodies that remain from the battlej on the surface of the ground, so that the land may be sterilized. 15As scouts go searching throughout the land, whenever they see someone’s bones, they will place a sign beside the remains until the remains have been buried in the Valley of Gog’s Gang. 16They’ll also name the city that is there ‘Hamonah,’k as they purify the land.”

An Invitation to Dine on Human Flesh

17“Now as for you, Son of Man, this is what the Lord GOD has to say: ‘Tell all of the birds and wild beasts, “Come! Gather together and participate in the sacrifice that I’m going to make for you. This great sacrifice will take place on the mountains of Israel, where you’ll be eating flesh and drinking blood. 18You’ll eat the flesh of mighty men and drink the blood of the world’s princes, drinking the blood of these rams, lambs, goats, bulls, all of them fattened as if they’re from Bashan, fit for slaughter! 19You’ll eat until you’re fat and satiated. You’ll drink blood until you’re drunk from the sacrifice that I’m going to make for all of you. 20You’ll be fully satiated at my table, dining onl horse flesh, horsemen, elite soldiers, and every kind of warrior,” declares the Lord GOD. 21‘I’m going to display my glory among the people, and every nation will see the judgment that I administer by my own hand among them. 22The house of Israel will learn that I am the LORD their God from that day forward! 23The nations will also learn that because of Israel’s sin the house of Israel went into captivity, since they were unfaithful in their behavior toward me. As a result, I hid my presence from them, turned them over to the control of their enemies, and they died by violence.m 24It was because of their defilement and transgression that I treated them this way by hiding my presence from them.’”

The Final Restoration of Israel

25“Therefore this is what the Lord GOD has to say: ‘I’m going to restore the resources of Jacob and show mercy to the entire house of Israel. I’ll be zealous for my own reputationn and for my holiness. 26They’ll forget their shame and all of their unfaithfulness by which they behaved so unfaithfully toward me. They will live on their land in confidence, not in fear. 27When I bring them back from the nations and gather them together from the lands that belong to their enemies, I will demonstrate my holiness through them right in front of the eyes of the world,o 28and they will learn that I am the LORD their God, who sent them into exile and who gathered them back to their land. I will not leave any of them remaining in exile. 29I’ll no longer hide my presence from them again when I pour out my Spirit on the house of Israel,’ declares the Lord GOD.”

a 39:1 i.e. a mountain tribe north of Assyria
b 39:1 Or of Rosh,
c 39:2 So LXX; MT reads around, lead you
d 39:4 Or carrion feeders
e 39:7 Lit. name
f 39:11 Lit. in the Crossover Valley; or Israel, the valley where people cross
g 39:11 i.e. to the north, as one travels from Jerusalem
h 39:11 MT does not identify the woman
i 39:11 Lit. Gog’s Crowd’ and so in v. 15
j 39:14 The Heb. lacks from the battle
k 39:16 The Heb. name means The Crowds
l 39:20 The Heb. lacks dining on
m 39:23 Lit. they fell by the sword
n 39:25 Lit. name
o 39:27 Lit. of many peoples

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