Ezekiel 46
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Regulations for the Inner Court

1“This is what the Lord GOD says: ‘The inner, east-facing courtyard is to remain shut during the six working days of the week,a but on the Sabbath day it is to be opened, as well as on the day of the New Moon. 2The Regent Prince is to enter through the portico of the gate from outside and is to stand at the doorframe of the gate where the priests are to present the Regent Prince’sb burnt offerings and peacec offerings. Then the Regent Princed is to worship at the threshold of the gate and go out. The gate is not to be closed until evening. 3The people who livee in the land are to worship at the doorway of the gate on the Sabbaths and New Moons in the LORD’s presence.’”

Sabbath Offerings by the Regent Prince

4“‘The burnt offering that the Regent Prince is to present to the LORD on the Sabbath day is to consist of six lambs without defect, a ram without defect, 5a grain offering with the ram consisting of an ephah, a grain offering with the lambs consisting of whatever amount he brings with him, and a hin of oil with each ephah of grain.f 6Furthermore, each New Moon there is to be a young bull presented without defect, six male lambs, and a ram without defect. 7The Regent Princeg is to present an ephahh of graini along with the bull, an ephahj of graink along with the ram, a grain offering—consisting of as muchl as he is able to give—and a hinm of olive oil with each ephahn of grain.o

8“‘The Regent Prince is to enter through the portico of the gate and is to leave the same way he came in. 9When the people who livep in the land come into the LORD’s presence during the festivals, whoever enters through the northern gate is to leave through the southern gate, and whoever enters through the southern gate is to leave through the northern gate. No one is to leave by the same route that he enters, but instead is to go straight out. 10The Regent Prince is to enter when they are coming in, and he is to leave when they go out.’”

Daily Offerings by the Regent Prince

11“‘The grain offering for the festivals and appointed festivals is to include an ephahq with a bull, an ephahr with a ram, and as much grain with the lambs as the Regent Princes brings with him, along with a hint of oil with each ephah. 12Whenever the Regent Prince presents a voluntary offering, burnt offering, or peace offering, he is to present it voluntarily to the LORD, and the east-facing gate is to be opened for him. He is to provide his burnt offering and peace offering as he does on the Sabbath. When he leaves, the gate is to be shut behind him. 13He is to present a one year old lamb without defect for a burnt offering to the LORD in the morning every day. 14In addition, he is to present a grain offering with it every morning, consisting of a sixth of an ephahu mixed with one third of a hinv of oil. This grain offering is to be offered to the LORD as a permanent ordinance. 15They are to present the lamb offering, the grain offering, and the oil every morning as an ongoingw burnt offering.’”

Gifts by the Regent Prince

16“This is what the Lord GOD says: ‘If the Regent Prince gives a gift to someone,x it is to remain with the man’s descendants as their own inheritance. 17But if he gives a gift to any of his servants, it is to belong to the servanty until the Year of Release, at which time it is to be returned to the Regent Prince. His inheritance is to belong only to his sons. 18The Regent Prince is not to appropriate the nation’s inheritance nor take advantage of them by taking their property from them. Instead, he is to provide an inheritance for his sons from his own possessions so that my people will not be separated from their possessions.’”

The Place Where Offerings are Boiled

19Then the angelz brought me in through an entrance beside the gate into the north-facing chambers dedicated to the priests. As I looked toward the rearaa of the far western end, I saw a place 20about which he said, “This is where the priests will be boiling the guilt and sin offerings and baking the grain offerings so they don’t bring them through the outer courtyard, thus diminishing the people’s holiness.”bb 21Then he brought me out to the exterior courtyard and led me across to each of the four corners of the courtyard. There in each corner was an enclosed area set aside, 22all of them the same size; that is, each was 40 cubitscc long and 30 cubitsdd wide. 23A low wallee built of masonry surrounded each courtyard, with boiling places set in rows in the wall. 24He told me, “This is whereff the ministers of the Temple will be preparinggg the sacrifices that will be presented by the people.

a 46:1 The Heb. lacks of the week
b 46:2 Lit. his
c 46:2 Or fellowship; and so throughout the chapter
d 46:2 Lit. Then he
e 46:3 The Heb. lacks who live
f 46:5 The Heb. lacks of grain
g 46:7 Lit. He
h 46:7 i.e. five gallons in volume
i 46:7 The Heb. lacks of grain
j 46:7 i.e. five gallons in volume
k 46:7 The Heb. lacks of grain
l 46:7 The Heb. lacks a grain offering—consisting of as much
m 46:7 i.e. about a gallon
n 46:7 i.e. five gallons in volume
o 46:7 The Heb. lacks of grain
p 46:9 The Heb. lacks who live
q 46:11I.e. five gallons in volume
r 46:11I.e. five gallons in volume
s 46:11 Lit. as he
t 46:11 i.e. about a gallon
u 46:14 i.e. about 5/6 of a gallon
v 46:14 i.e. about 1/6 of a gallon
w 46:15 Or perpetual
x 46:16 Lit. to a man among his sons
y 46:17 Lit. to him
z 46:19 Lit. Then he
aa 46:19 Lit. north
bb 46:20 Or thus transmitting holiness to the people
cc 46:22 i.e. about 70 feet; a royal cubit was about 21 inches
dd 46:22 i.e. about 52.5 feet; a royal cubit was about 21 inches
ee 46:23 Lit. A row
ff 46:24 Lit. is the house
gg 46:24 Lit. boiling

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