Genesis 18
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Abraham’s Three Visitors

1Later, the LORD appeared to Abrahama by the oaksb belonging to Mamre. As Abrahamc was sitting near the entrance to his tent during the hottest part of the day, 2he glanced up and saw three men standing there, not far from him. As soon as he noticed them, Abrahamd ran from the tent entrance to greet them and bowed low to the ground. 3“My lords,” he told them, “if I have found favor with you,e please don’t leave your servant. 4I’ll have some water brought to wash your feet while you rest under the tree. 5I’ll bring some food for you,f and after that you may continue your journey, since you have come to visit your servant.”

So they replied, “Okay! Do what you’ve proposed.”

6Abraham hurried into the tent and told Sarah, “Quick! Take three measuresg of the best flour, knead it, and make some flat bread.”

7Next, Abraham ran to the herd, found a choice and tender calf, and gave it to the young men, who went off in a hurry to prepare it. 8Then he took curds, milk, and the calf that had been prepared, placed the food in front of them, and stood near them under the tree while they ate.

Sarah Laughs at the Promise

9The men asked him, “Where is your wife Sarah?”

“There, in the tent,” he replied.

10Then one of them said, “I will certainly return to you in about a year’s time.h By then, your wife Sarah will have borne a son.”

Now Sarah was listening at the tent entrance behind him. 11Abraham and Sarah were old—really oldi —and Sarah was beyond the age of childbearing.j 12That’s why Sarah laughed to herself, thinking, “After I’m so old and my husband is old, too, am I going to have sex?”k

13The LORD asked Abraham, “Why did Sarah laugh and think, ‘Am I really going to bear a child, since I’m so old?’ 14Is anything impossiblel for the LORD? At the time set for it, I will return to you—about a year from now—and Sarah will have a son.”

15But Sarah denied it. “I didn’t laugh,” she claimed, because she was afraid.

The LORDm replied, “No! You did laugh!”

God Reveals His Plans to Abraham

16After this, the men set out from there and looked out over Sodom. Abraham went with them to send them off.

17“Should I hide from Abraham what I’m about to do,” the LORD asked, 18“since Abraham’s descendants will become a great and powerful nation, and all the nations of the earth will be blessed through him? 19Indeed, I’ve made myself known to him in order that he may encourage his sons and his household that is born after him to keep the way of the LORD, and to do what is right and just, so that the LORD may bring about for Abraham what he has promised.” 20The LORD also said, “How great is the disapproval of Sodom and Gomorrah! Their sin is so very serious! 21I’m going down to see whether they’ve acted according to the protests that have reached me. If not, I wish to know.”

22Then two ofn the men turned away from there and walked toward Sodom, while Abraham remained standing in the presence of the LORD.

Abraham Negotiates with God

23Abraham approached and asked, “Will you actually destroy the righteous along with the wicked? 24Perhaps there are 50 righteous ones within the city. Will you actually destroy it and not forgive the place for the sake of the 50 righteous that are found there? 25Far be it from you to do such a thing—to kill the righteous along with the wicked, so that the righteous and the wicked are treated alike! The Judge of all the earth will do what is right, won’t he?”

26The LORD said, “If I find 50 righteous people within Sodom, I’ll forgive the whole place for their sake.”

27Abraham answered, “Look, even though I am only dust and ashes, I’ve ventured to speak to my LORD. 28What if there are five less than 50 righteous ones? Will you bring destruction upon the city because of those five?”

The LORDo said, “I won’t destroy it if I find 45 there.”

29Abrahamp continued to speak to him, asking, “What if 40 are found there?”

The LORDq replied, “I won’t do it for the sake of those 40.”

30Abrahamr then asked, “I hope my LORD will not be angry if I speak. What if 30 are found there?”

The LORDs answered, “I won’t do it for the sake of those 30.”

31“Look,” Abrahamt said, “I’ve presumed to speak to my LORD… so what if 20 are found there?”

“For the sake of those 20,” the LORDu responded, “I won’t destroy it.”

32Finally, Abrahamv inquired, “I hope my LORD will not be angry if I speak only once more. What if ten are found there?”

He replied, “For the sake of those ten I won’t destroy it.”

33As soon as he finished talking to Abraham, the LORD left and Abraham returned to where he had been sitting.w

a 18:1 Lit. him
b 18:1 Or terebinths
c 18:1 Lit. he
d 18:2 Lit. he
e 18:3 Lit. favor in your eyes
f 18:5 Lit. you, that you may nourish yourselves
g 18:6 Lit. seahs
h 18:10 Lit. you according to the time of life
i 18:11 Lit. well advanced in days
j 18:11 Lit. The way of women has ceased for Sarah
k 18:12 Lit. pleasure
l 18:14 Lit. wonderful
m 18:15 Lit. He
n 18:22 The Heb. lacks two of
o 18:28 Lit. He
p 18:29 Lit. He
q 18:29 Lit. He
r 18:30 Lit. He
s 18:30 Lit. He
t 18:31 Lit. He
u 18:31 Lit. He
v 18:32 Lit. He
w 18:33 Lit. to his place

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