Isaiah 1
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The Vision of Isaiah

1Thisa is the vision that Amoz’s son Isaiahb had about Judah and Jerusalem during the reignsc of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.

Rebellious Judah

2Listen, you heavens,

and let thed earth pay attention,

because the LORD has spoken:

“I reared children

and brought them to adulthood,

but then they rebelled against me.

3The ox knows its owner,

and the donkey its master’s feeding trough,

bute Israel doesn’t know,

andf my people don’t understand.

4“Oh, you sinful nation!

You people burdened down by iniquity!

You offspring of those who keep practicing what is evil!

You corrupt children!

“They’ve abandoned the LORD;

they’ve despised the Holy One of Israel;

in their estrangement, they’ve walked away from me.g

5“Why will you still be struck down?

Why will you continue to rebel?

Your whole head is sick,

and your whole heart is faint.

6From the sole of your foot to the top of your head,

there’s no soundness evidenth

only bruises, sores,

and festering wounds

that haven’t been cleaned out,

bandaged, or treatedi with oil.”

God’s Diagnosis

7“Your country lies desolate;

your cities have been incinerated.

Before your very eyes,

foreigners are devouring your land—

they’ve brought devastation on it,j

while the land isk overthrown by foreigners.

8“The daughter of Zion is left abandoned,

like a booth in a vineyard,

like a hut in a cucumber field,

or like a city under siege.

9If the Lord of the Heavenly Armies

hadn’t left us a few survivors,

we would be like Sodom;

we would be like Gomorrah.

10“Listen to what the LORD says,

you rulers of Sodom,

andl pay attention to the teaching of our God,

you people of Gomorrah!

11“How do your voluminous sacrifices benefit me?”

the LORD is asking.

“I’ve had enough of burnt offerings of rams

and the fat of well-fed beasts.

I don’t enjoy the blood of bulls,

lambs, or goats.

12“When you come to present yourselves in my presence,m

who has required you

to trample on my courts?

13Stop bringing useless offerings!

Incense is detestable to me,

as are your New Moons, Sabbaths, and calling of convocations.

I cannot stand iniquity withinn a solemn assembly.

14As for your New Moons and your appointed festivals,

I abhoro them.

They’ve become a burden to me;

I’ve grown weary of carrying that burden.p

15When you spread out your hands in prayer,q

I’ll hide my eyes from you.

Even though you pray repeatedly,

I won’t listen.

Your hands are full of blood,

your fingers drenchedr with iniquity.”s

An Invitation to Reconciliation

16“Wash yourselves,

andt make yourselves clean;

remove your evil behavior

from my presence;

stop practicing what is evil.

17Learn to practice what is good;

seek justice,

alleviate oppression,u

defend orphansv in court,

andw plead the widow’s case.

18“Please come,

and let’s reason together,” implores the LORD.

“Even though yourx sins are like scarlet,

they’ll be white like snow.

Though they’re like crimson,y

they’ll become like wool.

19If you’re willing and obedient,

you’ll eat the best that the land produces;

20butz if you refuse and rebel,

you’ll be devoured by the sword,aa

because the LORDbb has spoken.”

Diagnosis and Judgment

21“How the faithful city

has become a whore,

she who used to be filled with justice!

Righteousness used to reside within her,

but now only murderers live there.

22Your silver hascc become dross,

your best wine is diluted with water.

23Your princes are rebels

and companions of thieves.

All of them are lovers ofdd bribes

and are runnersee after gifts.

They don’t bring justice to orphans,ff

and the widow’s case never comes up for review in their court.”gg

Restoration and Redemption

24Therefore this is what the Lord GOD of the Heavenly Armies,

the one who is Israel’s Mighty One, declares:

“Now I’ll get relief from hishh enemies

and avenge myself on hisii foes.

25When I turnjj my attention to you,kk

I’ll refine your dross as in a furnace.ll

I’ll removemm all your alloy.

26Let me restorenn your judges as at the first,

and your counselors as at the beginning.

Afterward you’ll be called ‘The Righteous City’

and ‘The Faithful City of Zion’.oo

27“Zionpp will be redeemed by justice,

and her repentant onesqq by righteousness.

28Rebels and sinners will be broken together,

and those who forsake the LORD will be consumed.

29They’ll be ashamed of the oak trees

that you desired;

and you’ll blush because of the gardens

that you have chosen.

30You’ll be like an oak

whose leaf is withering,

like an unwatered garden.

31Yourrr strong oness will be like tinder,

and your worktt a spark;

both of them will burn together,

with no one to quench the flames that burnuu them.”

a This book has been translated from the Great Isaiah Scroll (1QIsaa) of the DSS. The MT, LXX, Syr, Targ, and other ancient texts are compared in footnotes where they may vary from 1QIsaa and other DSS mss. Some of these ancient readings were incorporated instead of the DSS Isaiah text.
b 1:1 The Heb. name Isaiah means The LORD has saved
c 1:1 Lit. days
d 1:2 So 1QIsaa; the Heb. lacks the
e 1:3 So 4QIsaj; 1QIsaa MT lack but
f 1:3 So 4QIsaj; 1QIsaa MT lack and
g 1:4 Lit. they’ve gone back
h 1:6 Lit. soundness in it
i 1:6 Or softened
j 1:7 So 1QIsaa; MurIsa MT LXX read Devastated
k 1:7 DSS MT lack the land is
l 1:10 So 1:10 1QIsaa Syr; MT LXX Targ Vulgate lack and
m 1:12 Lit. come for my face to appear
n 1:13 Lit. and
o 1:14 Lit. festivals, my soul abhors
p 1:14 Lit. carrying them
q 1:15 DSS MT lack in prayer
r 1:15 DSS lack drenched
s 1:15 MT 4QIsaf lack this line
t 1:16 So 1QIsaa; 4QIsaf MT lack and
u 1:17 Or rescue the oppressed
v 1:17 Or defend the fatherless
w 1:17 DSS MT lack and
x 1:18 Lit. your (pl.)
y 1:18 So 1QIsaa LXX; 4QIsaf MT read they’re red like crimson
z 1:20 So 1QIsaa LXX Targ Syr; 4QIsaf lacks but
aa 1:20 So 1QIsaa Targ Syr; LXX reads the sword will devour you
bb 1:20 Lit. LORD’s mouth
cc 1:22 So MT; 1QIsaa reads have
dd 1:23 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT reads Everyone loves
ee 1:23 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT reads and run
ff 1:23 Or to the fatherless
gg 1:23 Lit. comes before them
hh 1:24 So 1QIsaa; 4QIsaf MT LXX Vulgate read my
ii 1:24 So 1QIsaa; LXX MT read my
jj 1:25 So 1QIsaa; LXX MT read And let me turn
kk 1:25 Lit. my hand against you
ll 1:25 1QIsaa lacks as in a furnace; MT reads as lye
mm 1:25 So 1QIsaa 4QIsaf; MT reads Let me remove
nn 1:26 1QIsaa MT; 4QIsafreads I will restore
oo 1:26 So LXX; the Heb. lacks Zion
pp 1:27 So MT; 1QIsaa reading unclear
qq 1:27 So 1QIsaa MT 4QIsaf; LXX reads her captivity
rr 1:31 Lit. Your (pl.); so 1QIsaa Vulgate. The
ss 1:31 LXX MT read Their strength
tt 1:31 So 1QIsaa; MT reads their work; LXX reads their deeds
uu 1:31 DSS MT lack the flames that burn

The Holy Bible: International Standard Version® Release 2.1
Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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