Isaiah 56
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The Covenant Extended to the Righteous

1Fora this is what the LORD says:

“Maintain justice, and do what is right,

for soon my salvation will come,

and soon my deliverance will be revealed.

2Blessed is the one who does this,

and the person that holds it fast,

who observes the Sabbath without profaning it,

and restrains his handsb from practicing any evil.

3“Letc no foreigner who has joined himself to the LORD say:

‘The LORD will surely exclude me from his people.’

Furthermore, let no eunuch say,

‘Look!d I am just a dry tree.’”

4For this is what the LORD says:

“To the eunuchs who observe my Sabbaths,

who choose the things that please me,

and who hold fast my covenant—

5to them I will give in my housee and within my walls

a monument and a name

better than sons and daughters.

I will give themf an everlasting name

that will not be cut off.g

6“Also, the foreigners who join themselves toh the LORD,

to minister to him,

to love the name of the LORD,i

to be his servants,

and to bless the LORD’S name,

observingj the Sabbath without profaning it,

and who hold fast my covenant—

7these I will bring to my holy mountain,

and make them joyful in my house of prayer.

Their burnt-offerings and their sacrifices

will rise up to be acceptedk on my altar;

for my house will be called a house of prayer

for everyone.”l

A Rebuke to Israel’s Guardians

8This is what the Lord GOD says,

the one who gathers the outcasts of Israel:

“I’ll gather still others to them

besides those already gathered.m

9“All you wild animals,n come and devour—

eveno all of you wild animals.p

10Hisq watchmenr are blind;

they are all without knowledge.

They are all dumb dogs—

they cannot bark.

They keep on dreaming and lying around,

and they’re lovers of sleep!s

11Meanwhile,t the dogs have a mighty appetite—

they can never get enough.

And as for them, they are the shepherdsu who lack understanding;

they have all turned to their own way,

each one to his gain,

each and every one.

12“‘Come!’ they say, ‘let’sv have some wine,

and let’s fill ourselves with strong drink!

Then,w tomorrow will be like today,x

or even much better!’”

a 56:1 So 1QIsaa; MT LXX lack For
b 56:2 So 1QIsaa LXX 1QIsab MT read hand
c 56:3 So 1QIsaa LXX; 1QIsab MT read And let
d 56:3 So 1QIsaa 1QIsab MT; LXX lacks Look!
e 56:5 i.e. God’s Temple
f 56:5 So 1QIsaa LXX; 1QIsab MT read him
g 56:5 The Heb. verb is a word play on the Heb. word eunuch
h 56:6 So 1QIsaa (cf. v 3); 1QIsab MT read upon
i 56:6 So 1QIsab MT LXX; 1QIsaa lacks this line
j 56:6 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT LXX read all who observe
k 56:7 1QIsaa; 1QIsab 4QIsai MT LXX read will be accepted
l 56:7 Lit. for all peoples
m 56:8 Lit. besides their gathered ones
n 56:9 So 1QIsaa LXX; 1QIsab MT read Every wild animal
o 56:9 So 1QIsaa; 1QIsab MT LXX lack even
p 56:9 So 1QIsaa LXX; 1QIsab MT read every wild animal
q 56:10 i.e. Israel’s; so 1QIsaa MTq
r 56:10 MT reads His watchman; LXX reads Look! They all
s 56:10 So 1QIsaa LXX; MT reads sleeping
t 56:11 Lit. And
u 56:11 So 1QIsaa; MT reads shepherds; LXX reads evil
v 56:12 So 1QIsaa MTms; 1QIsab reads I will; MT reads let me
w 56:12 Or And
x 56:12 1QIsaa reads this the day; 1QIsab MT read this day

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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