Jeremiah 47
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A Prophecy against the Philistines

1This isa the message from the LORD that came to Jeremiah the prophet concerning the Philistines, before Pharaoh conquered Gaza. 2This is what the LORD says:

“Look, waters are rising from the north,

and they’ll become an overflowing river.

They’ll overflow the land and all that fills itb

the city and those that live in it.

People will cry out,

and all those living in the land will wail.

3At the sound of the galloping hooves of his horses,c

at the rumbling of his chariots,

the clatter of his wheels,

fathers won’t turn back for theird children

because their hands are weak,

4for the day is coming to destroy all the Philistines,

to cut off from Tyre and Sidon

every helper who remains.

For the LORD is destroying the Philistines,

the remnant of the coastlands of Caphtor.e

5Baldnessf is coming to Gaza.

Ashkelon is silenced.

Remnant of their valley,

how long will you gash yourself?g

6Ah, sword of the LORD,

how long before you are quiet?

Put yourself into your scabbard,

be at rest, be silent!

7How can it be quiet,

when the LORD has ordered disaster

to come to Ashkelon and the seashore?

That’s where he has assigned it.”

a 47:1 The Heb. lacks This is
b 47:2 Lit. its fullness
c 47:3 Lit. his strong ones
d 47:3 The Heb. lacks their
e 47:4 i.e. Crete and the Aegean islands from which the Philistines came
f 47:5 i.e. the head was shaved as a rite of mourning
g 47:5 i.e. people made cuts on their bodies as an act of mourning

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