Job 1
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Job’s Faithfulness

1There once was a man in the land of Uza named Job. The man was blameless as well as upright. He feared God and kept away from evil. 2Seven sons and three daughters had been born to him. 3His livestock included 7,000 sheep, 3,000 camels, 500 teamsb of oxen, 500 female donkeys, and many servants. Indeed, the man’s stature greatly exceeded that of many people who lived in the East. 4His sons used to travel to each other’s houses in turn on a regular schedule and hold festivals, inviting their three sisters to celebratec with them.

5When their time of feasting had concluded, Job would rise early in the morning to send for themd and consecrate them to God.e He would offer a burnt offering for each one,f because Job thought, “Perhaps my children sinned by cursing God in their hearts.” Job did this time and again.g

Satan’s First Attack on Job

6One day, divine beingsh presented themselves to the LORD, and Satani accompanied them. 7The LORD asked Satan, “Where have you come from?”

In response, Satan answered the LORD, “From wandering all over the earth and walking back and forth throughout it.”

8Then the LORD asked Satan, “Have you consideredj my servant Job? There is no one like him on earth. The man is blameless as well as upright. He fears God and keeps away from evil.”

9But in response, Satan asked the LORD, “Does Job fear God for nothing? 10Haven’t you surrounded him with a fence on all sides, around his house, and around all that he owns? You have blessed everything he puts his hands on and you have increased his livestock in the land. 11However, stretch out your hand and strike everything he owns, and he will curse you to your face.”

12Then the LORD told Satan, “Very well then, everything he owns is under your control,k only you may not extend your hand against him.” So Satan left the LORD’s presence.

13Some time later, when his childrenl were celebratingm in their oldestn brother’s house, 14a messenger approached Job and said, “The oxen were plowing and the female donkeys were grazing nearby 15when the Sabeans attacked, captured the servants, and killed them with swords. I alone escaped to tell you!”

16While this messengero was still speaking, anotherp came and announced, “A lightning storm struckq and incinerated the flock and the servants while they were eating. I alone escaped to tell you!”

17While this messengerr was still speaking, anothers came and announced, “The Chaldeans formed three companies, raided the camels, captured the servants, and killed them with swords. Only I alone escaped to tell you.”

18While this messengert was still speaking, anotheru came and announced, “Your children were celebratingv in their oldestw brother’s house 19when a strong wind came straight out of the wilderness and struck the four corners of the house. It collapsed on the young people, and they died. I alone escaped to tell you!”

Job Blesses God Despite the Catastrophe

20Then Job stood up, tore his robe, shaved his head, fell to the ground, bowed very low, 21and exclaimed:

“I left my mother’s womb naked,

and I will return to God naked.

The LORD has given,

and the LORD has taken.

May the name of the LORD be blessed.”

22Job neither sinned nor charged God with wrongdoing in all of this.

a 1:1 i.e. a city east of Israel in Arabia; the name means Wooded
b 1:3 Or pairs
c 1:4 Lit. to eat and drink
d 1:5 The Heb. lacks for them
e 1:5 The Heb. lacks to God
f 1:5 Lit. offering according to their number
g 1:5 Lit. all the days
h 1:6 Lit. day, sons of God
i 1:6 The Heb. name Satan means The Opponent or The Accuser; and so throughout the book
j 1:8 Lit. you set your heart over
k 1:12 Lit. hand
l 1:13 Lit. his sons and daughters
m 1:13 Lit. were eating and drinking wine
n 1:13 Lit. their firstborn
o 1:16 The Heb. lacks messenger
p 1:16 Lit. this
q 1:16 Lit. Fire of God fell from heaven
r 1:17 The Heb. lacks messenger
s 1:17 Lit. this
t 1:18 The Heb. lacks messenger
u 1:18 Lit. this
v 1:18 Lit. eating and drinking wine
w 1:18 Lit. their firstborn

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