Job 11
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Zophar Accuses Job

1Zophar from Naamath had this to say:

2“Shouldn’t a multitude of words be answered,

or a person who talks too mucha be vindicated?

3Will your irrational babble silence people,

and when you mock them,

will you escape without being shamed?b

4You’ve said, ‘My teaching is flawless;

I’m cleanc in God’sd sight.’

5“But what if God were to speak?

What if he weree to talkf with you,

6and disclose his wise secrets?

After all, there’s so much moreg to understanding.

So be aware that God will exact from you

less than your sin deserves.”

God’s Wisdom is Unfathomable

7“Can you search through God’s complex things?

Can you uncover the limits of the Almighty?

8These things are higher than the heavens,

so what can you do?

They are deeper than Sheol,h

so what can you know?

9They are longer than the earth’s circumference,i

and broader than the ocean.

10“If he bypasses, or imprisons, or convenes a court,j

who can stopk him?

11For he knows mankind’sl deceitfulness;

when he sees iniquity, won’t he himself consider it?

12An empty-headed person will gain understanding

when a wild donkey is born a human being!”

Zophar Counsels Job to Repent

13“Now for you, if you will prepare your heart,

spread out your hands to him.

14If you have any iniquity, throw it far away.

Don’t let evilm live in your residence.n

15Then your confidence will be flawless,

and your security will keep you from terror.

16You’ll forget your suffering;

you’ll remember it like water that has evaporated.o

17Your life will be brighter than noonday.

Even its darkness will be like dawn.

18You’ll be secure, because there is hope;

you’ll see that you’re at rest and safe.

19When you sleep, there’ll be nothing to fear;

and many will court your favor.p

20But what the wicked look for will fail;

their way of escape will be taken awayq from them;

their only hope is to take their final breath.”r

a 11:2 Or a talker
b 11:3 MT has without being humiliated
c 11:4 Or pure
d 11:4 Lit. your
e 11:5 The Heb. lacks What if he were
f 11:5 Lit. open his lips against
g 11:6 Lit. double
h 11:8 i.e. the place where the dead are in the afterlife
i 11:9 Lit. measure
j 11:10 The Heb. lacks a court
k 11:10 Or repel
l 11:11 Lit. men
m 11:14 Or wrong
n 11:14 Lit. tents
o 11:16 Or has flowed past
p 11:19 Lit. face
q 11:20 Lit. destroyed
r 11:20 Lit. is to breathe out their soul

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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