Job 13
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Job Begins to Argues His Case

1“Look, I’ve seen everything;

I’ve listened carefully and I understand.

2What you know, I know, too;

I’m not inferior to you.

3But I want to talk to the Almighty;

and I’m determined to argue my casea before God.”

Job Accuses His Friends

4“But as for you, you whitewash with lies;

all of you are worthless quacks.b

5I wish you’d all just shut up.

Then at least you would appear to be wise.

6“Now listen to my dispute!

Pay attention to my arguments.c

7Why do you speak falsely on God’s behalf

and speak deceitfullyd about him?

8Will you show partiality to him?e

Will you plead God’s case?

9Will things go well for you under his cross-examination?

Can you lie to him, as you would to a human being?f

10“He will be sure to rebuke you,

if you show partialityg in secret.

11His splendor will petrify you with terror,

paralyzing you with fear, won’t it?

12Your maxims are just worthless proverbs;

your defensive arguments are made of clay.”

Job Resolves to Present His Case

13“Don’t talk to me! It’s my turn to speak;

then whatever happens, happens.

14Why shouldn’t I bite my flesh

or take my life in my hands?

15Even though he kills me,

I’ll continue to hope in him.

At least I’ll be able to argue my caseh to his face!

16I have this as my salvation:

the godless person won’t be appearing before him.

17Pay attentioni to what I have to say

and listen to my testimony with your own ears.”

Job Presents His Conditions

18“Look, now! I’ve prepared my case for court.j

I know that I’m going to win.k

19Who can oppose me?

If they do, I’ll be silent and die.

20Grant me only two things as you deal with me;

then I won’t hide from you.l

21Withdraw your hand far from me

and keep me from being petrified with terror.

22Then call and I’ll answer,

or let me speak and then you reply to me!”

Job Presents Himself for Cross-Examination

23“How many of my iniquities and sins have you counted?

Show me my transgression and sin.

24Why do you hide your face

and regard me as your enemy?

25Are you a god who would make a leaf tremble

or who would prosecute a dry straw?

26You’ve accused me of bitter things;

you’ve caused me to reapm the sins of my youth.

27You’ve locked my feet in stocks;

you watch all my steps;

You’ve limited where I can walk.n

28So I’m a man who wears out like something rotten,

like a garment that has become moth-eaten.”

a 13:3 The Heb. lacks my case
b 13:4 Lit. physicians
c 13:6 Lit. arguments of my lips
d 13:7 Or treachery
e 13:8 Lit. lift up his face
f 13:9 Lit. mankind
g 13:10 Lit. you lift up the face
h 13:15 Or way
i 13:17 Lit. listen, to listen
j 13:18 Or judgment
k 13:18 Lit. I’m in the right
l 13:20 Lit. from your face
m 13:26 Lit. inherit
n 13:27 Lit. limited the soles of my feet

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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