Job 16
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Job Reasons with Eliphaz

1In response, Job said:

2“I’ve heard many things like this.

What miserable comforters you all are!

3Will windy words like yours never end?

What is upsetting you that you keep on arguing?

4“I could also talk like you

if only you were in my place!

Then I would put together an argumenta against you.

I would shake my head at you

5and encourage you with what I have to say;b

my words of comfort would lessen your pain.

6“But if I speak, my pain isn’t assuaged;

if I refrain from speaking, what do I have to lose?”

Job Claims of God’s Mistreatment

7“Godc has certainly worn me out;

you devastated my entire world.d

8You’ve arrested me, making me testify against myself!

My leanness rises up to attack me, accusinge me to my face.

9His anger tears me in his persistent resentment against me;

he gnashes his teeth at me.

My adversary glaresf at me.

10People gaped at me with mouths wide open;

they slap me in their scorn

and gather together against me.

11God has delivered me over to the ungodly,

throwing me into the control of the wicked.

12“He tore me apart when I was at ease;

grabbing me by my neck, he shook me to pieces—

then he really made me his target.

13His archers surround me,

slashing open my kidneys without pity;

he pours out my gall on the ground.

14Attack follows attack as he breaks through my defenses!

He runs over me like a mighty warrior.

15“I’ve even sewn sackcloth directly to my skin;

I’ve buried my strengthg in the dust.

16My face is red from my tears,

and dark shadows encircle my eyelids,

17even though violence is not my intention,

and my prayer is pure.”

Job Appeals to Witnesses

18“Listen, earth! Don’t cover my blood,

for my outcry has no place to rest.

19Even now, behold! I have a witness in heaven,

my Advocate is on high.

20My friends mock me,

while my eyes overflow with tears to God,

21crying for him to arbitrate between thish man and God;

as a human being does with his fellow neighbor.

22For when only a few years have elapsed,

I’ll start down a path from which I’ll never return.”

a 16:4 Lit. together words
b 16:5 Lit. with my mouth
c 16:7 Lit. He
d 16:7 Lit. community
e 16:8 Lit. testifying
f 16:9 Lit. sharpens his eyes
g 16:15 Lit. horn
h 16:21 The Heb. lacks this

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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