Job 32
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Elihu Addresses Job and His Friends

1These three men stopped responding to Job, because he was claiming to be righteous, in his own opinion.a 2But then Barachel’s son Elihu from Buz, one of Ram’s descendants, got really angry. He was furious with Job because he had been declaring himself righteous instead of vindicating God. 3Furthermore, he was furious with his three friends because they had not answered Job, but instead had condemned him. 4Elihu waited to have a word with Job, since the others were older than he, 5but when he saw that there had been no responseb from those three, he got even more angry. 6Barachel’s son Elihu from Buz responded and said:

I’m younger than you are.

Because you’re older,c I was terrified

to tell you what I know.

7I thought, experienced should speak;

abundance of years teaches wisdom.

8However, a spirit exists in mankind,

and the Almighty’s breath gives him insight.

There’s No Fool Like an Old Fool

9“The aged aren’t always wise,

nor do the elderly always understand justice.

10Therefore I’m saying, ‘Listen to me!’

Then I’ll declare what I know.

11“Look! I have waited to hear your speech,

so I listened to your insights

while you searched for the right words to say.e

12Indeed, I paid close attention to you all,

but none of you were able to refutef Job

or answer his arguments convincingly.

13“So that you cannot claim, ‘We have found wisdom!’

let God do the rebuking, not man;

14let him not direct a rebuke toward me.

I won’t be responding to him with your arguments.

15“Job’s friendsg won’t reason with him anymore;

discouraged, words escape them.

16Shall I continue to wait, since they’re no longer talking?

After all, they’re only standing there;

they’re no longer responding.

17“I will contribute my argumentsh as an answer;

I’ll declare what I know,

18because I’m filled with things to say,

and my spirit within me compels me to speak.i

19My insides feel like unvented wine,

like it’s about to burst like a new wineskin.

20“Let me speak! I need relief!

Let me open my lips and respond.

21I won’t discriminate against anyone,

and I won’t flatter any person,

22since I don’t know the first thing about how to flatter;

and the one who made me would sweep me away

as if I were nothing.”

a 32:1 Lit. eyes
b 32:5 Lit. mouth
c 32:6 Lit. aged
d 32:7 Lit. days
e 32:11 The Heb. lacks to say
f 32:12 Or rebuke
g 32:15 Lit. They
h 32:17 Lit. portion
i 32:18 The Heb. lacks to speak

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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