Job 36
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Elihu Concludes His Arguments

1Elihu responded again and said:

2“Be patient with me a moment longer,

and I’ll show you that there’s more to say on God’s behalf.

3I’ll take what I know to its logical conclusiona

and ascribe righteousness to my Creator,

4because what I have to say isn’t deceptive,

and the one who has perfect knowledge is with you.”

God Disciplines

5“Indeed God is mighty and he doesn’t show disrespect;

he is mighty and strong of heart.

6He doesn’t let the wicked live;

he grants justice to the afflicted.

7He won’t stop looking at righteous people;

he seats them on thrones with kings forever,

and they are exalted.

8“If they’re bound in chains,

caught in ropes of affliction,

9he’ll reveal their actions to them,

when their transgressions have become excessive.

10He opens their ears and instructs them,

commanding them to repent from evil.

11If they listen and serve him,b

they’ll finishc their lives in prosperity

and their years will be pleasant.

12“But if they won’t listen,

they’ll perishd by the sword

and die in their ignorance.

13The godless at heart cherishe anger;

they won’t cry out for help when Godf afflictsg them.

14Theyh die in their youth;

and their life will endi among temple prostitutes.

15He’ll deliver the afflicted through their afflictions

and open their ears when they are oppressed.”

God is an All-Powerful and Just Teacher

16“Indeed, he drew you away from the brink of distress

to a spacious place without constraints,

filling your festivej table with bountifulk food.

17But now you are occupied with the case of the wicked;

but justice and judgment will be served.

18So that no one entices you with riches,

don’t let a large ransom turn you astray.

19“Will your wealth sustain you when you’re in distress,

despite your most powerful efforts?l

20Don’t long for night,

when people vanishm in their place.

21Be careful! Don’t turn to evil,

because of this you will be tried by more than affliction.

22“Indeed, God is exalted in his power.

Who is like him as a teacher?

23Who ordained his path for him,

and who has asked him, ‘You are wrong, aren’t you?’

24Remember to magnify his awesome activities,

about which mortal man has sung.

25All of mankind sees him;

human beings observe him from afar off.”

God Controls the Weather

26“God is truly awesome, beyond what we know;

the number of his years is unknowable.n

27He draws up drops of water,

distilling it to rain and mist.o

28When the clouds pour down;p

they drop their rain on all of humanity.

29“Furthermore, can anyone understand cloud patterns,

or the thundering in his pavilion?

30He scatters his lightning above it,

and covers the bottomq of the sea.

31He uses them to judge some people

and give food to many.

32His hands are covered with lightning

that he commands to strike his designated target.

33His thunderr declares his presence;

and tells the animals what is coming.”

a 36:3 Lit. I’ll bring my knowledge from a long ways away
b 36:11 The Heb. lacks him
c 36:11 Or finish
d 36:12 Lit. by the sword they’ll pass through
e 36:13 Lit. lay up
f 36:13 Lit. he
g 36:13 Lit. binds
h 36:14 Lit. Their souls
i 36:14 The Heb. lacks will end
j 36:16 Lit. restful
k 36:16 Lit. fat
l 36:19 Or your force of strength
m 36:20 Lit. go up
n 36:26 Or unreachable
o 36:27 Or distilling rain into mist
p 36:28 Or drops
q 36:30 Or root
r 36:33 Lit. shout

The Holy Bible: International Standard Version® Release 2.1
Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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