Job 42
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Job Repents and is Restored

1Job replied to the LORD:

2“I knowa that you can do anything

and nothing that you plan is impossible.

3You asked,b ‘Who is this that darkens counsel without knowledge?’

Well now, I have talked about what I don’t understand—

awesome things beyond me that I don’t know.

4Listen now, and I will speak for myself;

I’ll interrogate you and then inform me.

5I’ve heard you with my ears;

and now I’ve seen you with my eyes.

6As a result, I despise myself and repent

in dust and ashes.”

Job’s Friends are Restored

7After these words had been spoken by the LORD to Job, the LORD spoke to Eliphaz from Teman: “My anger is burning against you along with your two friends, since you haven’t spoken correctly about me, as did my servant Job. 8So take seven bulls and seven rams and bring them to my servant Job. And bring a whole burnt offering for yourselves and my servant Job will pray for you. I’ll encourage himc by not responding as your disgraceful folly deserves, since you didn’t speak about me correctly as did my servant Job. 9So Eliphaz from Teman, Bildad from Shuah, and Zophar from Naamath did precisely as the LORD had spoken to them, because the LORD showed favor tod Job.

Job’s Prosperity Returns

10The LORD restored Job’s prosperity after he prayed for his friends. The LORD doubled everything that Job had once possessed. 11Then all his brothers and sisters and all those who knew him before arrived. They ate food with him in his house, mourned for him, and consoled him for all the trouble that the LORD had brought and placed on him. Somee gave him gold bullionf and some broughtg gold earrings.

12The LORD blessed Job during the latter part of his lifeh more than the former, since he owned 14,000 sheep, 6,000 camels, 1,000 teams of oxeni and 1,000 female donkeys. 13He also had seven sons and three daughters. 14He named the first daughter Jemima,j the second Keziah,k and the name of the third was Keren-happuch.l 15No one could find more beautiful women in the whole land than Job’s daughters. Their father gave them their inheritance along with their brothers. 16Job lived 140 years after this, and saw his children and grandchildren to the fourth generation. 17Then Job died at an old age, having lived a full life.m

a 42:2 Or You know that I know
b 42:3 The Heb. lacks You asked
c 42:8 Lit. I’ll lift his face
d 42:9 Lit. lift his face
e 42:11 Lit. A man
f 42:11 Lit. him one kesitah; a unit of gold weight, the value of which is unknown today
g 42:11 Lit. and a man
h 42:12 The Heb. lacks part of his life
i 42:12 Or 1,000 pairs of cattle
j 42:14 The name means day by day
k 42:14 The name means cinnamon
l 42:14 The name means power of antimony; i.e. an element valued for medicinal uses
m 42:17 Lit. died old and full of days

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